Washington University Orthopedics collaborates with St. Louis City Football Club – Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

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Washoe Ortho appointed a team of doctors; BJC HealthCare, Medical Provider

Courtesy of the City of St. Louis

The expansion club of Major League Soccer chose St. Louis City (SC) doctors with Orthopedic surgery at the University of Washington (WashU Orthopedics) as official club team doctors and BJC HealthCare As a medical provider for the team.

As part of the relationship, CITY’s state-of-the-art, newly built training facility will be named the University of Washington Center for High-Performance Orthopedics. The training facility is located south of the team’s soon-to-open Centene Stadium on Market Street, west of downtown St. Louis.

“We are excited to collaborate with CITY SC and are committed to providing these world-class athletes with the orthopedic care they need to stay healthy and compete at the highest level,” Regis O’Keefe, MD, PhDWashU, chief of orthopedic surgery. “We have some of the best orthopedic surgeons and doctors in the country. Together with other specialists at the University of Washington, we will work to protect the health of these outstanding athletes. In addition, we are pleased to partner with the Football Club on community health projects that will make a difference across the region.” .

The relationship between the club, WashU Orthopedics, and BJC will extend beyond the stadium. The trio will collaborate on community health by collaborating on events that include the annual CITY Sprint 5K, health and wellness classes, nutritional education, and volunteer programs.

Along with WashU Orthopedics and BJC, CITY SC emphasizes the importance and value of inclusivity, social justice, and a mission of success in the field and in the community. Among the goals of the collaboration are efforts to advance health equity and end health disparities in the region.

As national leaders in the field of orthopedics and trusted specialists in sports medicine, the doctors at WASHU Orthopedic University will work with club coaches to prevent injuries and keep Riyadh city athletes looking their best. Doctors will also be at the side of the field on home match days to provide immediate on-site care and triage any injuries. With more than 80 orthopedic professionals on its medical staff, WashU Orthopedics has extensive and in-depth experience treating all types of sports injuries using the latest technology and research to help injured athletes return to playing safely.

The team’s new medical director and chief orthopedic surgeon is Robert Brophy, MD, chief of sports medicine and professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Brophy’s clinical practice focuses on treating shoulder and knee injuries in patients from all walks of life – although his work with professional athletes is particularly extensive. A team doctor at NHL’s St. League folded. He is also the vice chair of the NFL Musculoskeletal Committee, which includes independent and NFL-affiliated medical professionals, and focuses on musculoskeletal issues relevant to the health and safety of active NFL players.

“Street. Louis is a great sports city and a great football city. We are late to have the MLS (Football League) team here,” Brophy said. In addition to covering matches, the staff and I will make regular visits to the Training Center during pre-season and off-season to assess and recover injured athletes. This is integral to the way we provide care at this level as team physicians supporting professional athletes.”

Brophy has experience in both professions, as it happens.

After being selected as an all-conference football player during his undergraduate studies at Stanford University, he went on to play for the California Jaguars professional soccer team in 1995 and 1996, when the team won the U.S. Regional Football League title. He was also a member of the Palo Alto Firebirds, the National League champion in 1992.

“Obviously, that’s something I understand on a certain level, as I’ve been there and have a passion for the game,” he said. “I hope this will add to my understanding of how to work as a team physician. First and foremost, my goal will be to take excellent care of the athletes – and my love for the sport will certainly add to my enjoyment of the experience.”

Louis City CEO Carolyn Kendall approached BJC and WashU Orthopedics in a unique position to provide exceptional care to the team’s players. “We greatly appreciate the high-quality care that BJC Orthopedics and WashU Orthopedics provide,” she said. “Both organizations also share our vision for health, wellness, and community outreach.”

St. Louis City, one of the few ownership groups led by women in all professional sports, was awarded the MLS franchise in 2019. The team will begin playing in 2023.

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