The strength ranked the back half of the Celtics Training Camp roster

The Boston Celtics are out of camp in less than two weeks. While most of the summer was spent obsessing over the top of the list and the possibility of a file Jaylyn Brown– For Kevin Durant’s swap, the focus in the past few weeks has shifted to the end of the list.

with Danilo Galinari Possibly this season with the ACL ruptured, the Celtics’ depth of field has come into focus. Gallinari was part of Boston’s 10-man core, but his absence leaves some question marks entering the camp, particularly in Boston’s thin frontal area.

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Now, Boston’s success will almost certainly be determined by those in the top eight, but, especially at this time of year, everyone loves a good reserve quarterback. So let’s launch some hype trains at the end of the list before camp.

Celtics are set to bring in a bunch of familiar faces and pre-battle first-round picks for spots at the back end of the list with three points still open. Boston could potentially fill two of those spots, but potentially leave 15th open to maximize potential off-season maneuverability (and save costs with $19 million already in luxury tax).

Since Boston brings back the best 8 of last season and added Malcolm Brogdonwe can move up to the top half of the crew ratings with something like 1. Jason Tatum2. Jaylen Brown, 3. Marcus Smart4. Robert Williams III5. Al Horford, 6. Brogdon, 7. Derek White, 8. Grant Williams, 9. Payton Pritchard. Dribbling if you want to, but it feels fair with priority given to what we saw last season.

Those who daydream about Carmelo Anthony or any other veteran addition are likely to be patient. The Celtics will give camp bodies every chance to assert themselves before considering the need to add a more experienced player, especially given the already bloated luxury tax bill.

10 – Sam Hauser: The Unrefined Sniper rose to the parentage roster in the middle of his rookie year and would get his first crack at filling the Gallinari void. The 24-year-old has the size and talent for shooting to hide some of what Gallinari could have provided but must show he can influence the offense in other ways, while also making sure he is not a targeted defender. The sophisticated depth of Boston should provide plenty of quality looks for the Hoeser.

11 – Luc Cornet: The largest body (7 feet 2 and 250 pounds) on the Boston roster, Kornet could be more significant than most people expect. He’s shown enough in parts of two seasons that the Boston Brass is comfortable that he could be a third or fourth position with a heavier turn than we’ve seen so far. Kornet can extend the floor and fencing on the glass. Can he score big minutes against Joel Embiid? The Celtics hope they don’t need to know, but they may if 36-year-old Horford manages his time or Robert Williams suffers any injuries.

12 – Mfiondo Kabingel: After shining in the Summer League, the former first-round pick (27 in 2019) signed a two-way deal with Boston and could add much needed pitch. Dikembe Mutombo’s nephew is an edge runner showing off his skills in the hidden alleys of Vegas. He needs to raise his defense but it’s a strong factor for his size. The Celtics hope Kapengel can thrive in a role devoid of the expectations of Recruit Day.

13. J.D. Davison: Don’t misunderstand here: Davison is almost certain to spend most of the season in Maine getting much-needed reps after his only season in Alabama. But he’s got a leg up over everyone else below him on this list because he’s already in a two-way deal. It’s emergency depth if injuries erode Boston’s excess deep into the ball handling.

14. Jake Lyman: This is not just a heartwarming story, as the local boy comes home across from the camp. The 6-foot-8 swingman has 243 games of NBA experience and was a serviceable reserve in Portland and Minnesota. The Celtics could benefit from some wing depth and the Wrentham native should make a case to stay in camp.

15. Justin Jackson: One of the many previous first-round picks (15th in 2017) that Boston has in camp to compete for depth spots, Jackson shone as a late addition to Boston’s summer roster. He also had one game here last season when the team needed bodies. Its size and 3-point shooting can also help deep into the Boston wing.

16. Broderick Thomas: Thomas is a two-way player with Boston last season, he has good knowledge on his side but must show strides in his game so Boston can consider carrying another guard with one of those end points.

17. Noah Fonlet: Ninth overall pick in 2014, Vonleh has plenty of experience in the NBA but has spent all of his 2021-22 season playing abroad in China. His Massachusetts roots are another good story in the camp, but he hasn’t played consistent minutes in the NBA since 68 games with the Knicks in 2018-19.

18. Bruno Capoclo: After Capoclo was drafted with the 20th pick in 2014, ESPN analyst Fran Fracella stated that he was “two years away from being two years away.” That was eight years ago. Caboclo has only played double-digit minutes in an NBA game once since Bubble. The 6-foot-9 forward was Brazil’s best player last season and continues to be a physical prodigy with his insane wingspan.

19. Denzel Valentine: The 14th pick in the 2016 draft was caught with the Boston branch of the G-League in Maine at the end of last season. He is 28 years old now and faces tall odds of making it to the finalist list. But he has 256 NBA game experience and should at least get another chance to immigrate to Maine in hopes of starting his NBA career.

* Gallinary: Rehab is almost certain to cost Gallinary his season. Perhaps he still represents a quality veteran presence around the team. Sadly, the taxed Celtics could consider packing him (and player option year remaining in his deal) with a pick down the road in hopes of adding a different depth piece with experience. Otherwise, they’re paying big bucks and tipping their fingers that Gallinari could bounce back from injury to become a contributor at age 35 next season.

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