The best fitness equipment to improve your workout routine

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Maybe you love jogging, or maybe for many years you’ve been a regular at the gym. You’ve dabbled in wearable fitness devices and thought about treating yourself with a massage gun, but you haven’t shy away from buying one. Maybe your foam roller is starting to fall apart, and that free tee you got with your protein powder has seen better days. You may be getting fitter, but your fitness equipment and tech need an upgrade.

The Engadget team picked some of their favorite workout tech buys that made our fitness journeys a little less challenging. From the best wearable tech to our favorite smart scale, some picks command premium pricing, while a few are surprisingly affordable.

aura ring

The best fitness technology upgrades

Matt Smith / Engadget

As we said in our review, the aura ring he is Wearable for people who hate wearables. It also offers more robust sleep tracking than many other watch-like devices. Although size and weight have remained unchanged from the second-generation Oura ring, it’s unbelievable how much technology is crammed into this thing. The third generation has sensors that can constantly track your heart rate; Monitor blood oxygenation temperature and predict the period.

Oura ring is very serious about keeping track of everything it can. Since there is no display, you will need your smartphone to check the recovery results and how well you slept. These scores are aggregated from biometrics, including heart rate variability, body temperature, resting heart rate and respiratory rate. By subscribing — yes, something you may have to pay in excess of the $299 asking price — you’ll get weekly summaries showing how your activity levels and sleep hours are trending. I like Oura’s ability to tell if you’re training a little hard and that the app suggests taking a day off to recover.

The ring is not perfect. The company has allowed some features to withdraw for months—particularly when some users pay a subset monthly. For example, blood oxygenation (SpO2) tracking was promised when the third generation of Oura ring was first announced and only arrived in most episodes – about half a year later.

Warning: If you plan on tracking weightlifting exercises with the Oura ring, the black version will likely show some obvious scratches if you’re holding planks and plates. I’ve also had withdrawals, as I’m not in the habit of wearing a ring while holding on for my life. – Matt Smith, UK Head of Office

Buy Oura Ring at $299

Apple Watch Series 7

All apps page in grid view on Apple Watch Series 7.

Cherlynn Low / Engadget

The most popular smartwatch series continues to be at the forefront of features — if you ignore sleep tracking. The Series 7 It has the largest screen yet of any Apple Watch. It’s more than 50 percent larger than the Series 3 and 20 percent larger than the Series 6 that came before it. With a larger screen area and larger buttons, it’s easy to stop and start workouts and check your heart rate and time elapsed during a workout. Plus, since watchOS 5, wearables have been able to automatically detect specific workouts, which is great when you forget to start recording your running or spinning session.

The Series 7 can track your VO2 Max levels, and measure your cardio and respiratory fitness level. The cool thing here is how the wearable notifies you when your levels change significantly. So if you start a new intense exercise regimen, you’ll see these numbers creep in. for you iPhone will notify you When tangible improvements are made, the transition from lower to higher-than-average cardio fitness levels is reduced, and perhaps even to a higher-than-average fitness level. I was hovering around 50 VO2 Max, but would eventually hit 52.

The Apple Watch also has a workout platform connected to it in the form of Fitness+, offering HIIT, dance, Pilates, yoga classes, and more, and streaming classes to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. Your heart rate will appear on screen during many classes, indicating how well you’re doing compared to other Fitness+ members and hopefully inspiring you to squeeze in a little more.

Of course, both the Apple Watch Series 8 (as well as the new “pro” Ultra model) will be launched very soon. The Watch UltraIt, in particular, packs a longer battery life and a brighter screen—perfect for outdoor sports. – Ms

Buy Apple Watch Series 7 on Amazon – $389

Theragon Prime

The best fitness recovery tools

Matt Smith / Engadget

Theragon Its unique triangle design helps its device stand out from a host of other massage therapy guns. The multiple ways to hold the Theragun make it easy to target the most difficult parts of the body. As one of the more premium massaging devices, it offers a 16mm capacity (usually outperformed by machines over several hundred dollars) and speeds of up to 2,400 beats per minute. Some health claims (such as improved performance) are supported by limited studies, but others (including rapid muscle recovery) are not. I like to use mine to specifically target tight areas; It even feels good before a workout.

Theragun Prime is better than most massage competition competitions. It’s more flexible too. Compared to the basic Therabody options, the Prime comes with three additional attachments in addition to the standard ball: a cone, a flat-head moisturizer, and a thumb attachment, which can help dig deeper. Fortunately the battery lasts long, too. – Ms

Buy Theragun Prime on Amazon – $299

Yuvi Smart Scale P1



It’s time to ditch that bulky analog scale with an oscillating dial. Instead, for a more aesthetically pleasing design and a deeper view of your body weight and composition, it’s time to go digital. Many smart scale options are available, but I used the reasonable price Yuvi Smart Scale P1. This smart scale connects with your smartphone to sync your data, and you just need to remember to open the app. Otherwise, it will not track your progress.

It can monitor your weight in imperial or metric measurements and even make a rough estimation of your body fat and water ratios. However, it should be noted that local smart scales are often significantly inaccurate in measuring these measurements.

There are also more advanced smart scales. However, they usually more than double the price of the Smart Scale P1, often adding unnecessary features like multiple user profiles, Alexa voice activation, sports modes for pro athletes and more. At some point the returns are dwindling, but being able to track digitally (as well as setting up weight reminders) helped me form better habits for monitoring my weight. – Ms

Buy Smart Scale P1 from Amazon – $45

Beats Fit Pro سماعات headphones

The best fitness technology upgrades

Matt Smith / Engadget

Many true wireless earbuds, not to mention traditional headphones, are not made for work. Some have non-removable parts that can snag, while others lack water and dust resistance or have wires that can get tangled or pulled at you during your workout. For many of these reasons, I swear by true wireless earbuds and Beats Fit Pro delivery on everything I want to practice buds. This includes active noise cancellation (lower weight sound and awful gym music), a lower profile, and a comfortable fit with a convenient fin design to lock in your ear without causing your ears to ache.

Fortunately, they don’t accentuate your ears like many earbud options do. The company recently launched a series of buds with more subtle skin tones in collaboration with Kim Kardashian. With Apple’s H1 chip, Beats Fit Pro can provide hands-free Siri functionality and enhance Find My item tracking. – Ms

Buy Beats Fit Pro on Amazon – $200

On-demand fitness subscription

Peleton app


One of the best things I’ve done to my fitness routine lately is to introduce some variety. Since I work out in the morning right after waking up, it’s very easy for me to follow a routine of doing the same thing over and over again. However, I found it much easier to switch things up by relying on an on-demand fitness subscription.

I’ve tried quite a few of the many services available now, but the one I stuck with is peloton and Alo Moves. I don’t own a single piece of Peloton hardware; Instead, I spend $13 a month to access the app only, and that’s where I take most of my strength training classes. I like that they constantly introduce new shows every day, but the accumulation of on-demand classes is also increasing. The sessions are challenging and engaging, and there are plenty of options if you don’t have any equipment at all.

hello moves It focuses more on yoga, Pilates, and barre, and is slightly more expensive at $20 a month. I’m more interested in toning rather than bulking up, so I try to incorporate some of these classes into my strength training routine. I especially like that Alo Moves has a “chain” of sessions that fall under the same umbrella that you can take over over many days. When I don’t really want to think about what I do on a particular workout morning, it’s easy to just move on to the next chapter in the Barre series I’ve already been working on. – Valentina Palladino, Senior Trade Editor

Subscribe to Peloton App – $13/month
Subscribe to Alo Moves – $20 a month

Bowflex Selectech . Adjustable Dumbbells



For many of us, space is precious. We might have enough room to roll out a yoga mat, but not much more than that. Consolidating (and cutting back) your exercise equipment at home is a good way to maintain your exercise habits without tripping over weights or a resistance band. Bowflex is a well-established fitness company that has been making adjustable dumbbells for several years now. Weight range depends on the model, but Bowflex SelectTech 552i They can be ordered (literally) up to 2 kg (4.4 lbs) and up to 24 kg (53 lbs) each, making them suitable for all types of full body movements and custom muscle group. A dial on each side of the weight adjusts the number of plates the bar attaches to, with the remaining weight remaining in the included storage drawer.

There are many adjustable dumbbells out there, but I prefer this classic “dumbbell” look compared to some of the more squared-up competitors. One minor issue is that you will have to fiddle with the sides to adjust the weight. Also, if you’re looking for an on-demand workout service, Bowflex includes a free one-year subscription to the JRNY streaming service. – Ms

Buy the Bowflex SelectTech 552i on Amazon – $219

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