Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing welcomes 43rd to the installation ceremony

The event concluded with the newly suspended students reciting the Pledge of Tan Chengfen Graduate School of Nursing.

The Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing at UMass Chan School of Medicine welcomed 43 nurses from diverse backgrounds such as marketing, ballet and legal services to its annual alumni pathway installation ceremony on Monday, September 12. Educational qualifications to qualify as registered nurses. Additional years of study lead to a doctorate in nursing practice or a doctorate in nursing degrees.

“As nurses, we are very privileged to be allowed to live in the most intimate periods of our patients’ lives – when they are most vulnerable,” said Joan Vitilo-Sicchio, Ph.D., Donna M. Robert J. Manning, Chief of NursingDean of Tan Chengfen Graduate School of Nursing and Professor of Nursing, “I hope you will take this vow seriously with your patients as they share their living experiences and instill in you the many important values ​​that will shape the nurse you will become.”

Akwasi A. Doh, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing and Director of the Graduate Entry Path Program, acknowledges that the GEP attracts adults with diverse work experiences and advanced degrees and degrees other than nursing, and students like Melanie Ostegui, a trained ballerina who aspires to be a nurse at Intensive care unit.

“When I started back in school, my dance students found it cool. The kids I taught liked that I was doing dance and nursing. They thought, ‘I can do that too. I want to go to school to be a scientist, and I’m going to dance,’” Ostegui said.

Working as a paralegal has prepared newly installed nurse Ama Agyei for a different challenge.

“As a nurse, being an effective communicator with patients, families, healthcare providers and other colleagues is invaluable,” Agyei said.

Class spokeswoman Robin Young, a social worker at MSW, addressed her classmates by admitting that GEP is “not for the faint of heart.”

“That was a job,” Young said. “We all had to work harder than we ever imagined. We started as a room full of strangers last August, but we all share one common denominator: we all wanted to be nurses.”

Five General English Program (GEP) students were awarded honors for exceptional achievement: Joseph Tulip received the Academic Excellence Award; Dominica Boucher received the Clinical Excellence Award; Amanda Ford received the Spirit of Nursing Award; Monica Wyant received the Community Engagement Award; Young accepted the Daisy Student Award.

Tracy Haycock of Newton-Wellesley Hospital was awarded the Outstanding Preceptor Award and Summit ElderCare-Leominster honored as an Outstanding Clinical Partner.

The proceedings concluded with the newly installed Raj Patel leading the class in reciting the pledge of the Tan Chengfen Graduate School of Nursing. The full concert can be found at Youtube.

Alumni Entry Path Pinning 2022

As for Agee
kareena blonde
Guinness Batista
Dominica Boucher
Jennifer Bogos
Marley Bonacourt
Alicia Cove
Rachelle de la Cruz
Amanda Ford
Victoria Galvin
Emma Glusman
Janet Haas
Madeline Hayes
Nafa Hossein Nejad Bohrjerdi
Jennifer Konguyan
Ian Lin
Vernell Linder
Ann Lee
Olga Markushova
Alyssa Menendez
Sonia Mraz
Eileen Monagl

Emily Nolan
Michel Oliveri
Audrey O’Neill
Melanie Ostegi
Colin Packard
Raj Patel
Erica Powell Pearson
Anupa Prajapati
Al-Baseerat area
Sarang Raj
Jillian Reed
Connor Saliba
Shelby Show
Rebecca Smith
Rachel Stroh
Anita Tran
Joseph Tulip
Sophia Webb
Monica and Yant
Jaime Yates
Robin Young

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