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  • A harsh winter looms as Russian attacks impede Ukraine’s ability to provide energy

    Ukrainians with little or no warming up after the bombing Temperatures in several areas are already below freezing Kherson residents receive an offer to evacuate to safer areas Ukrainian security forces raid the famous Kyiv Monastery Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukraine’s government on Tuesday urged people to conserve energy amid relentless Russian strikes that have halved […]

  • ‘Playing with fire’: UN warns team to inspect damage to Ukraine’s nuclear plant

    The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency warns: “You are playing with fire!” After the explosions Russia and Ukraine blame each other for the bombing President Zelensky says the eastern region was hit by heavy artillery “The fiercest battles” are in the Donetsk region, says Zelensky LONDON/LVIV, Ukraine (Reuters) – The head of the […]

  • Facts: The latest fronts in climate change legal battles

    (Reuters) – Climate change litigation has more than doubled in the past seven years globally, according to a June report by the London School of Economics, and is bypassing traditionally polluting industries such as fossil fuel production. At COP27 climate talks in Egypt, United Nations experts warned last week that many companies’ environmental claims amounted […]

  • Exclusive: Germany is stepping up its emergency monetary plans to tackle power outages

    FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German authorities are stepping up preparations to hand over emergency funds in the event of a power outage to keep the economy running as the nation prepares for a possible blackout caused by the war in Ukraine, four people involved said. One of the people said plans include the Bundesbank, Germany’s central […]

  • Biden and Xi prepare to meet ahead of Ukraine-overwhelmed G20 summit

    NUSA DUA, Indonesia (Reuters) – Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrived on the Indonesian island of Bali on Monday for a long-awaited meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden ahead of a set to be perilous summit of the Group of 20 nations. With tension due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The two leaders are expected […]

  • COVID public health emergency in the US to stay in place

    Two Biden administration officials said Friday that the United States will maintain a public health emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing millions of Americans to get free tests, vaccines and treatments. One of the officials said the possibility of an increase in coronavirus cases in the winter and the need for more time to transition […]

  • Britain froze Russian assets worth 18 billion pounds

    Russia bypasses Libya and Iran as prime target of UK sanctions The UK says sanctions are hurting Russia’s military Russia uses chips in kitchen utensils for cabinets The UK government has reported 236 sanctions violations LONDON (Reuters) – The British government said on Thursday it had frozen more than 18 billion pounds ($20.5 billion) in […]

  • COP27: Polluters must pay for climate change, poor countries say to the rich

    Island nations demand global carbon tax “While they win, the planet is burning” Fears grow over hunger striker imprisoned in Egypt SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (Reuters) – Leaders of poor countries criticized rich governments and oil companies for causing global warming, using their speeches on Tuesday at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt to demand that […]

  • Binance plans to buy FTX operations outside the US in the latest crypto bailout

    WASHINGTON/LONDON (Reuters) – Cryptocurrency giant Binance has signed a non-binding agreement to buy a non-US unit of rival FTX, FTX.com, to help cover a “liquidity crunch” on cryptocurrency exchanges, the two companies said Tuesday, in a surprise move that sparked fresh concerns. Regarding the risks faced by investors in the volatile crypto market. Binance CEO […]

  • Last year’s deforestation pledge slowly started

    São Paulo (Reuters) – A year after more than 140 countries pledged to halt all deforestation by 2030, little has been done to fund protection measures or pass new conservation laws, experts say. This pledge was widely praised at last year’s COP26 climate summit, especially after the signings by Brazil, Indonesia and Congo. The three […]