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  • NFL players work to reduce stigma around mental health aid

    Written by Rob Maady, AP Pro . football writer The pressure of the NFL was up to Marcus Smith II. He fell short of expectations of being a Philadelphia pick in the first round, leading to anxiety, depression, panic attacks and his release by the Eagles — and a cross-country move to Seattle. Smith didn’t […]

  • Documentary explores the history of asylum for black patients

    By Michael Martz, Richmond Times-Dispatch PETERSBURG, Virginia (AFP) – When the American Psychiatric Association celebrated its 175th anniversary three years ago in San Francisco, two pictures of two people surfaced. Virginia The mental institutions which contributed to its birth – what are now Eastern State Hospitals and Western State Hospitals. Also participating in the exhibition […]

  • USDA scattered rabies vaccines for wildlife in 13 countries

    By Janet McConaughey, The Associated Press NEW ORLEANS (Associated Press) – The US Department of Agriculture has begun dispersing millions of oral rabies vaccine packages from helicopters and planes in more than 13 states of the United States. who to me Alabama. Field trial coordinator Gordona Kirby said the main goal is to prevent raccoons […]