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  • Everything we know about the immortal universe, Anne Rice

    picture: AMC | Alfonso Bresiani A glimpse into the immortal universe AMC has bought the rights to 14 of Anne Rice’s novels from both of them Vampire Chronicles and her Lives of the Mayfair Witches series. In June 2021, AMC greenlit its first foray into the Immortal universe with Interview with the vampireAnd the which […]

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Movie: The Retro Review

    screenshot: Lucasfilm A lot has happened to star Wars franchise the last 14 years. It can be hard to remember that the new canon really began with Dave Filoni Clone Wars cartoon. It has been retroactively added to the new Disney movie star Wars Stories by virtue of being a very well run show run […]

  • Drag Star, Disney Icon, Children’s Book Author

    picture: Max Flurry Being a multi-hyphenate performer is something Nina West knows very well. Miss win over RuPaul’s Drag Race In the eleventh season, he partnered with Dolly Parton in the Good Campaign, composing music for children, starring opposite Daniel Radcliffe in the film Strange: The Yankovic StoryAnd the Becoming the LGBTQ face of Disney […]

  • Why China’s COVID policies are troubling investors again

    Investors in China-related assets who had expected a significant easing of COVID restrictions were disappointed this week as the country grapples with its worst wave of cases since the Shanghai outbreak earlier this year. China-related ETFs have fallen this week, with iShares MSCI China ETF MCHI, -1.82% a loss of 3.4%. KraneShares CSI China internet […]

  • It’s really cool to be a hero in Guardians of the Galaxy

    The galaxy has an unexpected new guardian, just in time for the holiday season. Kevin Bacon, 64, Make a surprise cameo last month in the trailer for “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special,” which premieres on Friday Disney +. And while there are fans and fans of Marvel They were happy By his choice, […]

  • Explanation of the Goncharov Phenomenon (1975) by Scorsese

    If you were online, specifically on Tumblr, during the weekend of November 18-20, you’ve definitely heard about it. Goncharov (1973). It is widely considered one of the Martin ScorseseA masterpiece of cinema, The Lost Mafia, was released in 1973 but was suppressed in the states for various reasons. Instead, it was not released. or in […]

  • Robert Clary, latest star of “Hogan’s Heroes,” dies at 96

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Robert Clary, the French-born survivor of Nazi concentration camps during World War II who played a feisty prisoner of war in the unlikely 1960s sitcom Hogan’s Heroes, has died. He was 96 years old. Clary died Wednesday of natural causes at his home in the Los Angeles area, his niece Brenda […]

  • ‘Santa Claus’ (Disney+) Tim Allen shares his thoughts on retirement

    For nearly 30 years, Tim Allen He put on the suit and became the “big guy” in it Santa Clause. The 1994 Christmas classic starring Allen as Scott Calvin aka Santa, made two sequels, Santa Claus 2 And the santa claus 3: escape clause, And now a limited series, Santa Clause. Scott Calvin is back […]

  • If you’re worried about which vegetables are healthier, you’ve got to think about it

    picture: Giampaolo Nitti (stock struggle) Do you have an image in your mind of “healthy” eating? Does it include fruits and vegetables? You are doing a great job. Now, go ahead and eat –Wait, what do you do? You’re worried that some of them aren’t the healthiest vegetables? what is wrong with you? This is […]

  • This GNOME book project in Tucson has gained a lot of popularity

    Bill Finley exclusive to the Arizona Daily Star Come on now, admit it, even if you were a believer in dwarves, it took a while to get comfortable around one of them. Right from the jump there is the mysterious silent “G” that drives their names. There are those cold wooden eyes. Who knows what’s […]