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  • Biden and Xi prepare to meet ahead of Ukraine-overwhelmed G20 summit

    NUSA DUA, Indonesia (Reuters) – Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrived on the Indonesian island of Bali on Monday for a long-awaited meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden ahead of a set to be perilous summit of the Group of 20 nations. With tension due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The two leaders are expected […]

  • Ukraine’s Kherson races to restore energy and water after Russia’s withdrawal

    The humanitarian situation in Kherson is “extremely difficult” – official The authorities are working to restore vital services Joy mixes with concerns about water and energy for Kherson residents Residents recount the violations committed by the occupation forces Fighting rages in Donetsk and eastern Luhansk regions Kherson, Ukraine (Reuters) – Public utilities companies in Kherson […]

  • Britain froze Russian assets worth 18 billion pounds

    Russia bypasses Libya and Iran as prime target of UK sanctions The UK says sanctions are hurting Russia’s military Russia uses chips in kitchen utensils for cabinets The UK government has reported 236 sanctions violations LONDON (Reuters) – The British government said on Thursday it had frozen more than 18 billion pounds ($20.5 billion) in […]

  • Russia says the British Navy blew up Nord Stream, and London denies involvement

    Russia says British Navy personnel have blown up pipelines Russia says British naval personnel helped attack Crimea Russia does not provide evidence for the claim Britain denies the Russian allegations Russia says it will seek the attention of the United Nations LONDON (Reuters) – The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that British naval personnel […]

  • Booming Wall Street boosts global and European stocks; oil slices

    WASHINGTON/LONDON (Reuters) – Global and European stocks rose on Friday as Wall Street extended gains on hopes that some central banks will slow down in raising interest rates. Commodity prices took a hit from the strength of the US dollar. Oil prices fell after China, the largest importer of crude, expanded its restrictions on the […]

  • Russia tells the UN that Ukraine is planning a ‘dirty bomb’, West denies the allegations

    Biden warns Moscow against using nuclear weapons Putin says Russia needs to speed up decision-making on the conflict Berlin hosts conference on reconstruction “Marshall Plan” NEAR Kherson Frontline, Ukraine (Reuters) – Russia on Tuesday raised its case to the United Nations Security Council that Ukraine was preparing to use a “dirty bomb” on its soil, […]

  • Analysis: Poor countries are at risk from elusive G-20 debt relief efforts

    LONDON/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The failure to make concrete progress on debt relief for the world’s poorest countries at the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Washington frustrated policymakers, activists and investors. Two years ago, the Group of Twenty launched the Joint Framework – a mechanism designed to provide a rapid […]

  • Tens of thousands march in Berlin in support of Iran protests

    Tens of thousands demonstrate in Berlin to support Iran protests Crowd chanting ‘Death to Khamenei’ at Berlin rally Protests enter sixth week despite deadly crackdown Revolutionary Guards warn a cleric of “stirring up” in the southeast of the country BERLIN/DUBAI (Reuters) – Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Berlin on Saturday to show support […]

  • Analysis: US Republicans aim to help Ukraine but are unlikely to obstruct it

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US Republicans have the power to block aid to Ukraine if they regain control of Congress, but they are likely to slow or limit the flow of defense and economic aid rather than halt it, analysts said. . They may also use support for the Ukrainian war effort as leverage to force […]

  • Russian drones attack the Ukrainian city of Kyiv; Fierce fighting in the east

    Kyiv hit by Russian drones The main hotspots of Donbass are Soledar and Bakhmut – Zelenskiy Russia says it has repelled the Ukrainian advance in several areas Kyiv (Reuters) – Russian forces attacked the Ukrainian capital on Monday for the second time in a week, officials said, as Russian and Ukrainian forces fought fierce battles […]