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  • The silver lining of the stock and bond markets this year

    Sometimes a little can be more. Just take what happened to the annuity rates during this year’s bearish stock and bond markets. Although the dollar value of stocks and bonds has declined significantly, each of those dollars is now able to buy larger annual payments. In fact, depending on the specifics of your situation, these […]

  • Britons are getting a wave of bad news

    Pensioners protest against rising fuel prices at a demonstration outside Downing Street called by the National Pensioners Conference and Fuel Poverty Action on February 7, 2022 in London, England. Jay Smallman | Getty Images LONDON – “The brains of humans and other animals contain a mechanism designed to prioritize bad news,” former Nobel Prize-winning economist […]

  • From the Fed to the currency crisis in Europe, here’s what’s behind this sell-off in financial markets

    Trader on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, June 7, 2022. Source: NYSE Stocks fell sharply, bond yields rose and the dollar rose on Friday as investors responded to the Federal Reserve’s signal that its battle with inflation could lead to higher interest rates and a recession. Friday’s selloff was global, in a […]