Star Wars: Duel of Destinies It was Colin Trevorrow’s version of Episode 9 Before it became a movie Heavenly RiseAnd this artistic concept reveals how much different it is in its version!

Heavenly Rise It was a huge disappointment and a movie that tried so hard to correct a file star Wars After Lucasfilm gave Rian Johnson plenty of creative freedom last serious. Trying to please everyone ultimately meant that no one was particularly happy, and JJ Abrams eventually caused a mess.

Much has been said about what jurassic world Director Colin Trevorrow had planned his version of Episode 9a movie set to be titled Duel of Fate.

The prevailing opinion on the internet is that it will be much better than what Abrams presented, which is a sentiment we agree with Based on the plot details we selected recently. Now, though, we’ve retrieved some artistic concepts from the movie Offers Just how different it could be.

This includes all-new Force powers, a completely different look to Kylo Ren, and a Force Ghost moment that fans have argued should be included in Heavenly Rise (instead of a series of disembodied sounds). Duel of Fate It will be a completely different movie, and you can check it out for yourselves by hitting the “Next” button below!

10. Escape from the destroyed star

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See Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron as they make their way through Eclipse, a new type of Star Destroyer, in this exciting piece of art. They intended to remove the energy pillar that supplies the raw ore to a Tier 1 Factory below during this opening battle, but things quickly go awry for our heroes, which is why they’re on the run now.

Ray is set to combine Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and her signature crew to build her Jedi weapon, which is why she’s now using a double-bladed lightsaber in this scene. This makes more sense than her trying to repair a lightsaber that split in half during the events of last seriousIn any case!

Ray, Finn, and Poe were plotting to capture this devastating star, providing their fellow Rebels with a powerful new weapon and dealing a massive blow to the First Order in the process. Regardless, the resistance plot was going to fail in the end.

9. Is Kylo Ren OK?


While this is happening, Kylo Ren has been searching for an ancient weapon on the other side of the galaxy that he can use to defeat Ray and his mother’s army. He had discovered the Sith Holocron and a letter from Palpatine asking him to find Tor Valum, a Sith Master and Palpatine’s teacher, during an encounter with Luke’s Force Ghost on Mustafar.

However, the holocron could have released a flash of red power lightning leaving Kylo heavily injured and horribly scarred. why? For he could feel, on the inside, that he was still torn between the sides of the light and the house.

In this article, we see the villain receiving care and health care by some of the planet’s citizens. Kilo was shocked by his selflessness and what had happened with the Hulkron, and he would have started to realize that salvation might be possible and that there was still something good inside of him.

8. General and Princess


Trevor Episode 9 The script called for General Leah Organa by director Carrie Fisher to spend much of the film rallying an army and trying to rally people around the galaxy to rebel against The First Order once and for all.

After Fisher’s death, it is decided to kill her character early and give Poe Dameron and Chewbacca the story of her character’s story (for example, they would have tracked down Lando Calrissian in an attempt to persuade him to join their cause instead of Leia).

The Princess and the General appear in this conceptual piece of art on the brand-new planet of Kurilev. This could have been the base of the resistance, and in both versions of the plot, Leia would be severely affected by Kylo Ren’s actions. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why she looks so depressed in this photo.

7. Fight against the Knights of Rin


Rin’s knights Duel of Fate Each will have unique names and personalities despite being glorified Stormtroopers in Heavenly Rise. One of them was supposed to be revealed as a rival to Kylo Ren who also gained access to the Sith Holocron and later attempted to assassinate both Rey and Kylo in order to usher in a new age of Sith.

However, many of them were already dead, and in this photo, Chewbacca is seen holding a knight by the throat. The leaked text states that he would have thrown the villain into the air before being shot from the sky. What a way to go!

There was a draft of the script with the aforementioned knight appearing as a deadly new threat and the movie’s main villain, but for the most part, they were cannon fodder. We can blame JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson for treating them as unimportant background characters in their films for that, of course.

6. Kylo Ren’s new helmet


In this movie, Kylo Ren does not trace the fragments of his former mask and put them back together. Instead, he had made a new helmet for himself after the power lightning that erupted from the Sith Holocron left terrible scars (he had, after all, destroyed his previous helmet in last serious).

This concept art depicts him sitting in a room not quite unlike the one in which Darth Vader appeared during Empire strikes.

It’s a sinister and horrifying mask that is clearly modeled after what Vader once wore, although it also appears to take inspiration from the Stormtroopers, Knights of Ren, and helmets used by warriors in Mandalore. It’s hard to say why Abrams and Terrio chose to bring back the original as it would be fun to see a new release.

5. Kylo Ren meets his new master


While Trevorrow’s final draft completely eliminated this subplot in favor of a rogue female Knight of Ren, the original version would have sent Kylo Ren to the Sith temple in Remnicore (shown here). There, he would face Tor Valume head-on.

Heading down a dark path and a short shot at salvation, the Supreme Leader was about to destroy his grandfather’s “weak” helmet during an explosion on Coruscant. Later, Kylo is led into a “vergence” in the Force where he will face Darth Vader after discovering how Sith can extend their lives by weakening the life force of other creatures.

Featuring a “Lovecraftian” look and being over 7,000 years old, Valum’s debut was bound to introduce some interesting new wrinkles into the Galaxy’s past. In the end, the former Ben Solo had failed to outsmart his grandfather in a cave battle that was clearly intended to honor Empire strikes.

4. First class prisoner


The Jedi Temple is located in Coruscant, and the once iconic site was set to play an important role in it. Duel of Fate. It was to be the seat of the First Order and the location of the film’s final battle when the Finns and Rose inspired the inhabitants of the planet to rebel against their captors.

This powerful artwork depicts Finn as a first-class prisoner in a labor camp, and shows just how much Coruscant has changed over the years. Since Rose was supposed to be the one saving the heroes from here in later drafts, we’re guessing Finn’s plans have changed over time.

Fans criticized the story of the resistance hero in Heavenly Risebut in Trevorrow’s Episode 9He befriended a Stormtrooper and persuaded him and other deserters to join the resistance. From there, Finn would lead an epic uprising.

3. Kylo Ren’s new powers


Kylo Ren will soon learn how to drain life energy from everyone around him, despite failing to defeat Darth Vader in a fight. Here, he demonstrates this by drawing energy from the tree, causing it to wither and die.

As you might expect, Valum would have been disgusted by his new pupil’s inability to beat Vader and the fact that he was still torn between his good and evil sides. By asking Kylo to leave his realm immediately, the old villain got more than he bargained for when the leader of the Ren Knights also exhausted his life core.

In the final battle with Ray, Kylo used this power against her to gain the upper hand. However, Abrams and Terrio would use this idea as the basis for “Force Dyad,” something that allowed Palpatine to use his life force to revive himself on Exegol.

2. Final battle


This concept art depicts the final confrontation between Rey and Kylo Ren over Mortis. The duel would have included several major discoveries, such as Supreme Leader Snoke being responsible for ordering young Kylo and his knights to kill her parents. With his last breath, Kylo would reveal that her real name is “Rey Solana”.

Before that can happen, an epic battle will ensue, as Leia steps in to convince her son to finally act with honor after Kylo uses his high life energy to mend his scarred face.

This version of Episode 9 He kept Kylo Ren as the main antagonist of the franchise and only gave him a small amount of redemption by the time it was all said and done. Trevorrow considered the bad woman to be the big bad, but she was clearly torn between her introduction and focus on ex-Ben Solo!

1. Familiar power ghosts


Every version of Trevorrow’s Episode 9 It would have ended with some well-known characters making their triumphant comeback as Force Ghosts. Characters including Luke, Yoda, and Obi-Wan Kenobi are set to appear in an attempt to save Ben, but are ultimately unsuccessful due to the severity of his injuries.

Meanwhile, in the version where Ray and Kylo teamed up against that female knight, he was going to sacrifice himself, with these power ghosts to heal Rey and make sure that the young Jedi would live.

Look closely at this piece of art, though, and it looks like a number of other classic Jedi Knights would have appeared, including a number from the prequel era. Gorgeous like those sounds in Heavenly Rise It was, that’s what fans really wanted, something that Abrams considered before giving up on the idea for any reason.

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