Social feedback: Giant Buckeye victory The internet was buzzing loud last night

Tim Brando is terrible at his job. See, I get, at a huge win, it’s not easy to create a story that is engaging for the general audience as one man played after another.

But here’s the thing: What was happening on the field was amazing. The sports on display in Ohio State were amazing, especially in terms of attacking, and it shouldn’t take a genius to figure out how to translate that into TV magic. Instead, Brando often missed calls, misspelled names, reacted sluggishly to major substitutions, and generally vaguely praised Ohio State that (as always) showed a lack of preparation and research.

Which is a shame, because the game was fun as hell and worth a million percent to watch and understand. Too bad the main man in the booth was too lazy to introduce it.

the team


How was all of these things taken at exactly the same time???

the rest

You will do that for this week. Next up: Wisconsin, in a match between two offensive powers, apparently? Weird, but fun!

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