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I’ve always hated the term “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Not because I am a negative Catholic inclined to agnosticism in the unusual event that I think of matters of the soul at all, nor because it was. offended To Benjamin Franklin via charlatans who sold posters to new students long ago. It’s just too damned non-fictional. Beer proves much more than the supposed benevolence of our alleged creator. It stabilizes the bioluminescence of yeast; cultural import of advertising; The political, social and environmental challenge of negotiating creativity and commodities. Did Ben Franklin put a barrel? What is God’s love for a pint exactly? And who said I drink beer because I’m happy anyway?

Hello and welcome to Hop Take, the newly relaunched VinePair column about beer. As a matter of editorial politics, it won’t happen often in the kind of existential wanderings above: navel-gazing can be helpful at times, but we have a bigger fish for the beer-fry mix. For wit, every week, Hop Take Reportage, confab, and pontification will publish about the contemporary beer trade in all its glory and/or shame. who are we? Well, of course you are: one of the workers, businessmen, and drinkers who makes the beer trade a colorful and complex corner of modern American life. And I am: Dave Infante, a journalist who has covered the beer industry for more than a decade, most recently for the past year and a half as a traveling writer for a specific wine publication that rhymes with “pig poetry.” Enchanted, I’m sure.

Hop Take predates my tenure, and the beer industry has changed nearly twenty times since the first column was published under that title. Meanwhile, for the past few years, I’ve been a full-featured creature, logging thousands of words into everything from BrewDog Crowdfunding Scheme “Equity for Punks” And the Gothic mission short and bankrupt Elvira icon as a chorus liteto me PakTech’s Plastic Paradox, and much more. I’m ready to write in short for change, and this column is ready for a new approach. As such, I plan to retool these digital pages to cover this multi-billion dollar malt-based behemoth in fun new ways. You can call it HOP TAKE 2.0: 2 HOP 2 TAKE. You don’t have to, but you can.

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In my experience, it’s almost impossible to write a mission statement for a project like this, because it will evolve as we get to know each other. But that’s exactly why I’m so excited to take on Hop Take. It’s an opportunity to develop a rolling, animated, week-long conversation about the smoke-shifted American beer scene for industry forums, private Facebook groups, and public wrangling on Twitter. Go elsewhere for beer reviews, warm press releases, and a bloated lifestyle. Come here for context, coverage, and commentary on the business and beer culture. Let’s talk, bye-bye! Blogging is back!

It will be glorious, I swear. But to pull this off, to really do it, I need your help. By what I mean, I need your advice! I am only one man, and the trade in beer is vast. If you have seen/heard/unintentionally but technically not illegally obtained possession of the information you would like to see me cover here at Hop Take, please email me at [email protected] Or send me a direct message on Twitter. Do you want more security? Connect using one of these methods and dial my number on Signal, an encrypted messaging app trusted by defense industry whistleblowers, journalists of all stripes, and seasoned weed dealers. No matter how you connect, anonymity is available for our initial conversation – just ask for it in your message. Send me these exciting tips, dear reader, and let’s turn Hop Take into the beer column this business deserves!

Well, that’s enough for now. I will be back next week with more. Until then, remember: If you read it on the bedroom wall after attaching too many single mugs full of lukewarm brewer’s yeast, it probably isn’t true. But if you read it on Hop Take, it sure is. This column is proof that I love you and want you to be happy.

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During the season opener last week Thursday night football Game, Buffalo Bills fans they drank more Michelob Ultra on draft than any other beer, according to a report From the local data company Bearboard. Low-calorie beer in the lead? Are Bills Mafia trying to beat the RICO charge or something?

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