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wIt was a gentle fall however Mom Nature turned towards us in December. I used to be fortunate through the Christmas storm: I did not lose energy, I had loads of firewood within the storage and no motive to journey. I took the chance to comply with up on the picture manipulation, which gave me one other take a look at the beautiful fall colours we had, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets earlier and all these geese operating their acrobatic maneuvers within the swamps. Once I obtained a little bit chilly, I threw one other go online the fireplace and possibly took a nap.

What about wildlife through the winter? Many birds are heading south to hotter climates – consider the hummingbirds that fly nonstop throughout the Gulf of Mexico to South America to spend the winter. Principally, native waterfowl keep round so long as there may be open water within the marshes, and waterfowl that reside farther north come down to go to us on their technique to hotter climes. This offers us an opportunity to see birds that we would not usually see right here, generally uncommon birds which have been pushed away from their pure migration route by storms. All these birds transfer to the south, the place the swamps and streams freeze over. Some, particularly diving geese, head to the open waters of the Niagara River or Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

The invasive and undesirable swan sticks round till there isn’t any open water after which additionally heads to giant open water areas. Trumpeter swans do the identical, though I believe some transfer south through the winter.

Vultures keep round so long as they’ll discover meals, whether or not that is a reside hunt for small animals or leftovers from street kills and deer looking season. Eagles stick many of the winter to their nesting grounds, with the nesting season beginning early, earlier than the winter season ends. Not too long ago, lots of the pairs I observe have been conjoined close to their nests. They are going to begin including and repairing nests subsequent month. If they can not discover sufficient meals to maintain them, they are going to merely fly into the Niagara River or open lake to forage for returning meals as nesting season approaches.

Hawks and owls feed on smaller animals and birds, so that they often stick round as a result of they’ll discover meals. At present, a number of screeching owls use a pair of my picket duck nesting containers round the home. They set up two late-feeding cardinals in a feeder every year, as evidenced by their plumage within the containers; And apart from mice, I am positive they catch some sleeping birds. The nice horned owl is a real killing machine, so it has no drawback catching rabbits, skunks, and different giant wildebeest that enterprise out through the night. The nice horned owl additionally begins its nesting season in winter, usually earlier than the eagle; This was confirmed in a single yr when there was nonetheless a video digital camera within the eagle’s nest in Cayuga Pond and volunteers together with myself have been capable of watch an excellent horned owl take over the eagle’s nest there. When the eagles returned and tried to drive the owl out of the nest, they have been unsuccessful, which exhibits how troublesome this owl is.

In fact, many small birds transfer south however many others stay, gathering help from our feeders in addition to bugs and seeds left over within the winter panorama. In our space we generally see northern birds such because the night raven staying right here throughout their southern migration. Birds that usually transfer south for the winter, such because the robin, study to make a dwelling right here through the winter and keep put.

Many crows keep right here all through the winter as do some crows. Even unlikely winter characters like the good blue heron would nonetheless be round if they might discover open waters to catch small fish. Blue Heron equipped me with photos of the hunt until December, alongside Feeder Ditch Street, until it froze; And final week, I noticed one alongside Oak Orchard Creek close to the lake.

Some animals, like raccoons, might nap briefly through the harshest of winters, however foxes and wolves should work exhausting to make a dwelling. Woodchucks turn into inactive and take a nap within the winter; Skunks and chipmunks hibernate throughout harsh winter situations. Rabbits stay lively and supply meals for bigger predators. Beavers and muskrat have financial institution dens or construct “homes” above the water and stay lively below the ice. Mink and otters stay lively as does the brand new customer to this state, the angler.

Squirrels keep lively all winter lengthy, as we have all witnessed round our hen feeders. Deer are a lot bolder now that looking season is over; They browse not solely within the woods but in addition round our houses. Turks transfer quite a bit, eking out a dwelling in harvested crop fields, forests, and forests.

So, apart from these shifting to hotter climates, beings of nature have a troublesome time through the winter right here. There isn’t any wooden range or shelter to show round throughout extreme storms just like the current blizzard. Some do not make it, however those that do are the sturdy ones who will go on their survival traits to the subsequent technology.

Doug Domidion, a photographer and naturalist, is predicated in Medina. Name him at 585-798-4022 or woodduck2020@yahoo.com.

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