Milwaukee hosts double-header college basketball

American family field The Aurora Health Care Brew City Battle will be hosted on November 11, 2022. It is a college basketball double header that will feature Wisconsin’s men’s and women’s basketball programs facing Stanford and Key State respectively.

Basketball and The Brewers – who knew it could be the perfect combination. UW Badgers basketball will play court at American Family Field this November in the first Brew City fight.

“My darling will be coming together here in November,” said Brian Anderson, broadcaster for Brewers. “I’m really excited.”

Brewers and Badgers fans may endorse Anderson’s ideas with the advent of the Aurora Health Care Brew City Battle.

“The women’s team Wisconsin will face Kansas State, while the men’s Wisconsin team will face Stanford,” Anderson said.

It takes place at American Family Field, with the main court located right around Bowler’s Hill at the court’s first basketball event, and they hope to pack home.

“With going into the season and having a game like this in a place like this against a great opponent, that kind of exposure you can’t buy,” said Marisa Mosley, coach of the Wisconsin women’s basketball team.

“For our players to be able to be in that environment and Marissa players in that environment, we hope that inspires them down the road,” said Greg Jard, Wisconsin men’s basketball coach.

The Double Header will drop on November 11th, and no, they’re not worried about Wisconsin weather.

“We have a really great heating system, and it is well maintained,” said Rich Schlesinger, Brewers President – Business Operations. “We would have no problem keeping the temperature anywhere between 68 and 70. No matter if it’s snow, sleet, hail or whatever we do in November in Milwaukee, it’s going to be a mild, perfect case for basketball inside.”

Undo will happen too! All in order to take advantage of the diversity of the American family field.

“It’s a great reminder of how good it is to invest in this stadium and a reminder of how important this place is to our market, and we’re keeping it in great shape,” said Schlesinger.

Stanford has a 6-4 all-time advantage in the series against Wisconsin, having lost the last game of 2018 in the Bahamas, 62-46. On the women’s side, the Badgers won their previous only encounter against K-State, and a 56-53 neutral site win in Las Vegas in 2006.

Drink City Battle Tickets

Tickets will go on sale at noon on Tuesday 26 July CET. It starts at $29 and allows entry for both double-headed games. Tickets can be secured online at phone at 800-933-7890 Or by visiting the box office at American Family Field during business hours.

Tickets will be available at most of the current seating locations at American Family Field, providing a wide range of seating options for audiences. New to the Aurora Health Care Brew City Battle are VIP Field Seats – temporary seating installed next to the stadium to provide an excellent experience for fans looking to enjoy the games of diamonds. All field VIP seating in Sections 1 through 9 includes free food and drinks, including an open bar, and unique access to the field level.

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In addition, a limited number of pre-hospital spaces are available, ideal for family and friends or businesses looking to entertain colleagues or clients at a first-of-its-kind event at American Family Field. To learn more about private hospitality options, visit Hospitality.

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