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LinkedIn Business and Recruitment is the place to look for job opportunities, internships, and professional networking. However, for a single man, the social network is the perfect place for unexpected conversations.

On Monday, September 5, Alexander Cohen, product manager at a large healthcare startup in Austin, Texas, Spread A real unique money-saving hack that he claimed to have tried during the company’s journey.

“I travel for business and instead of having a fancy dinner outside, I decided to cook a cheaper meal in my hotel room,” reads the post on LinkedIn, which has been liked more than 1,400 times. “Although the hotel room does not have a kitchen, I was able to use a coffee machine to cook chicken with butter and garlic.”

Cohen went on to say in the post that although his company allows him to set aside dinner while traveling, he wanted to save money because he knew that “every dollar depends on profits and losses” (which means a profit and loss account for those unfamiliar with the language of accounting.)

“It’s the little things that get you promoted,” he said.

Cohen completed his unique approach to cost-cutting measures by decorating the post with hashtags, money, hotel, coffee, promotion, and career advice. If you’ve ever used a coffee maker in your hotel room (to make a cup of coffee, that is) you might personally want to add #Horrifying or #CallTheFBI to their set of hashtags.

This turn of events made quite a few people in the LinkedIn post and around the internet blink their eyes and wonder if his post was serious or not, taking into account the comments to inform their concern.

“I take it they don’t calculate the sick time you’ll need to give yourself salmonella on a business trip?” One of the commenters said: LinkedIn.

Another user said: “I suppose you pre-cleaned the chicken in the toilet first” LinkedIn.

“This is satire, isn’t it? A . said LinkedIn user, to which another user replied that ‘chicken satay’ can also be done. People are very smart.

Cohen’s post actually went viral on three separate social media platforms: first on LinkedIn, then again TwitterThe post received 82,500 likes and more than 5,440 retweets redditThe post garnered 6,200 votes and hundreds of comments.

One user said: “I feel allowed to sue you for this” Twitter.

Another pair of users shared their cost-cutting hacks with a wink.

“True story – it happened to me: I was on a business trip once and got hungry in the middle of the night after working 6 hours,” said the user Twitter. “I wanted to save some money for the company I worked for. So I made fried eggs in my hotel room using my company laptop.”

“I’ve had this too. I was traveling for work and decided to have a barbecue on the iron to save money for the company I work for,” said another Twitter Used in conjunction with unstable iron tray setup.

Cohen later commented on his private message asking if anyone knew “how chicken tastes from pot” because someone reported it to hotel management and was “threatening to charge the company card” on file.

At this point, many commenters realized his post might have been a joke and helped mitigate the mounting horror in the comments section by responding to some people’s serious concerns.

“I’m sure you’re kidding because otherwise, what about the guests who would use that coffee machine after you?” Said one concerned commenter on LinkedIn. “They have to drink chicken flavored coffee. I think you’re selfish to do that, assuming you save. Also, absolutely unhealthy. It hurts the hotel’s assets too.”

Another LinkedIn user replied to this comment by reciting the word’s definition spelling Indicating the possibility that the post was a joke, prompting the original commenter to reply, “Thanks, Eminem.”

If you’re wondering if Cohen is really serious, head over to the source to find out.

“I wasn’t traveling at the time,” Alexander Cohen told TODAY Food in a Twitter direct message. “I was actually at the Austin FC game at the time and we were late because of the rain so I thought I’d have some fun.”

Taking a look at Cohen’s presence on social media, Cohen takes on his comedic role personal financingThe business restaurantThe job market And other professional topics allow for a fair amount of LinkedIn crossover, which he said he takes advantage of.

“I love posting parody stories on LinkedIn (almost as a hobby now) because no one expects jokes on a ‘professional’ social network,” he said.

“When you lied on your resume and got a remote job that required 10 years of experience but you don’t have any,” reads one of his other posts on Twitter.

In another tweet in which he said he didn’t understand how Chili’s, Applebee’s, Olive Garden and Red Lobster were “still working,” his words caused more heated conversations and jokes. There’s a topic in his social media post that’s moving the conversation, for sure.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy how popular this thing was,” Cohen said, adding that he was surprised by how popular this post really was. “I wasn’t expecting it to explode across other platforms like it did,” he said.

When asked what he would say to people who think LinkedIn is not for jokes but only for serious professionals interested in hiring, his response to the up-and-coming siblings, networking divas, and contact collectors is simple.

“Business is work,” Cohen said. “Go out and enjoy life.”

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