Law & Order: SVU had to remove Kelli Giddish’s Amanda Collins to improve it

Law enforcement, both real and imaginary, has undergone a reckoning in recent years, albeit a bewildering one. In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the re-emergence of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, many have wondered, If the policeman’s offers expire. Law and Order: Organized Crime She ditched presenter Craig Gore amid controversial Facebook comments about the 2020 protests (the show has since started Five of the show’s pioneers during the three seasons). However, last year the original Law and order Sister did Chicago BD The law enforcement franchise is getting stronger, so it looks like cop offers are doubling down.

However, cop shows no longer exist apolitical, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Actress Kelly Gidish appears to have been the victim of a Law & Order change, as her departure was announced before SVUThe 24th season premieres on Thursday. But this writer won’t miss Gedish detective Amanda Rollins and her legacy of victim-blaming and exposing the slut, and her passing shows how far the world of law and order must go.

This is not a celebration of Kelly Gidish’s departure from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – Which It was not on its ownShe was cited by new presenter David Graziano as just part of the “complex” financial and behind-the-scenes decisions guiding the show — but rather than her character. Amanda Rollins of Jedish entered Dick Wolf’s TV world as a member of SVUElite squad for the show’s thirteenth season following the similarly problematic departure of Detective Elliot Stabler for Chris Meloni (who is now back in the role in organized crime, plus a lot of engraving in the sub that made him famous). They quickly (and often) became an example of the limits of policeman’s offerings to truly protect and serve their communities. She’s discretionary, reprimanded, and perhaps more conservative than we know, if her defense of an Ann Coulter-like political expert in the Season 19 episode “Info Wars” is any indication.

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In later seasons we find out that Rollins was raped by her former captain in Atlanta, who assaulted another female deputy in the season 16 episode “Forgiving Rollins.” “You’ll get over it,” Rollins says lightly, clearly showing her own shock to this survivor because that’s what Rollins herself had to do. It’s a reaction that flew in the face of how SVU It was received at that time, as a kind of Fulfillment of the desire for justice For survivors who hoped their assaults would be treated with as much care as the dedicated detectives who investigate these sinister assassins every week on NBC, especially Captain Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), the patron saint of the rape avengers.

When compared to Benson, forgiving Rollins afterward was tough, even with all the baggage we’ve come to get to know her, especially in regards to her sister, the grumpy Kim, played by self-confidence by Lindsey Pulsphere. Having such anarchic relatives should make Rollins sympathetic and sympathetic. However, her story is always poorly written and allows the slightest bit of charity to read her as a character that prevents her from growing, as her twin superiority complex seems to have risen above her toxic family but always regresses.

Although we empathize with Rollins and understand why she sometimes responds suspiciously to survivors whom she doesn’t consider to be acting the right way, she doesn’t do her job with the same empathy. A frosty conspiracy streak of her going to work therapy through her toxic upbringing ended up being held hostage (and that’s it). The episode that totally pissed me off for the character was Season 19’s “Service,” when Rollins questioned why he’d “give SVU”[s] A curse on the sex workers who have been assaulted. For a detective tasked with bringing rapists to justice, he has such sarcasm towards a group of people who have in between 45% to 75% chance of experiencing sexual violence at workaccording to the Urban Justice Center, disgusting.

There Rollins represents the uphill battle SVU Their brothers are still fighting. The plot of the show “torn from the headlines” does not always allow enough distance from these noteworthy crimes SVU To deal with it with the sensitivity it requires (which is A problem with the true crime type in general). SVU He had the opportunity to change the way he represented coping in the return of season 22 in late 2020; However, many will argue that the damage the franchise has done to the concept of policing over two decades cannot be undone in a few months. As it were, the first episode of season 22 took on a white woman Amy Cooper calling the cops on black bird watch Christian Cooper (unrelated) at the Central Park Rumble which happened on the same day that George Floyd was murdered, with no effort being made to deconstruct the racist account . That summer with no care made the survivors fall in love with the show. with SVU Addressing the Amber Heard / Johnny Depp issue in the upcoming 24th season, and with cancellation Raw vs. Wade Earlier this year, the show will likely factor in more plot lines ripped from the headlines in its plot.

Detective Rollins is not SVUThe only problem is it’s just one part of a broader problem with cop offerings and law enforcement more broadly. She was protected from having to grow up and learn from her mistakes. Getting rid of it won’t solve everything Law and order A problem, but it is at least a step in the right direction.

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