Jeremy Ausmus, Jesse Lonis and Soheb Porbandarwala among the winners of the Early World Series of Online Poker at

local part of 2022 Online World Series of Poker I started WSOP . World Series of PokerLast week, eight bracelets were already awarded to players located in Nevada and New Jersey. Nearly $2.4 million in prize money has been paid out so far, with nearly 3,800 entries made during the first eight events.

Several big names were among the eight heroes already selected for the US-facing portion of the series. Below we take a closer look at the results so far.

Event 1 – $400 No-Limit Hold’em

Uri HassonThe first event on the agenda was the $400 No-Limit Hold’em Tournament, which kicked off September 10th. . The top 90 players eventually made money in this event, but only one would end the day with the bracelet and the $58,491 jackpot, and this player was Uri Hasson.

It was the first bracelet win for an Israeli player and the fourth biggest payday recorded in the tournament in his career. The result increased his lifetime tournament earnings to over $660,000.

A number of big names have made deep tours of the event, including bracelet winner Alex Foxen (37th), bracelet winner Todd Brunson (30), six-time bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu (15), Adam Hendrix (10), bracelet Four-time winner Jeff Madsen (5th), and bracelet winner Andrew Lichtenberger (fourth).

place player earnings
1 Uri Hasson $58,491
2 Gary Bialofsky $36321
3 Stephen Dis $24951
4 Andrew Lichtenberger $17477
5 Jeff Madsen $12,448
6 Kevin Knight $9,024
7 Jason Bio $6659
8 Brandon Crommell $5,001

Image credit: Danny Maxwell/PokerStars.

Event 2 – Hold’em MonsterStack No Limit $500

Next in the table was the $500 “MonsterStack” course, which attracted a total of 722 entries for the largest field in any of the WSOP . World Series of events that have completed this series so far. The high turnout built a $324,900 prize pool. The larger share of that was eventually secured by Benjamin Garrick. Gold Beach, based in Oregon, took home $64,590 and his first gold bracelet to win.

This was Garrick’s largest recorded score to date, more than double the $30,000 he earned as a runner-up in a $600 purchase event in Venetian DeepStack Poker Tournament, Series Two last fall.

Notable among the 126 contestants in this event were starting competition winner Uri Hasson (75), Jeff Madsen (49), a three-time winner of the bracelet and world poker tour Nick Shulman (31) and Daniel Bozjohn (28).

place player earnings
1 Benjamin Garrick $64,590
2 Aditya Sadhu $39930
3 Lily Torrens $27941
4 Guy Dunlap $1,851
5 Andrew Gunder $14296
6 David Papa $10,462
7 Evan Pantanou $7765
8 Edward Zomsky $5,848
9 Robert Campbell $4,484

Event 3 – Hold’em Unlimited $3200

Drew O'ConnellThe price of poker rose significantly for the third event in the table. The high roller event cost $3,200 to enter. When all was said and done, 124 entries were made to create a $376,960 prize pool. Drew O’Connell He came out victorious in the end, taking home his second career gold bracelet and first prize of $96,087.

O’Connell I WSOP . World Series of Poker The win came in the $1,000 No-Limit Online Hold’em Championship last fall. This win saw him top 821 entries for a whopping $146,893 salary. O’Connell now owns more than $530,000 in tournament earnings registered to his name.

Other big names entering deep into this tournament include three-time bracelet winner Shankar Pillai (18), Alex Foxin (17), two-time bracelet winner and WPT Champion Tony Dunst (15th), Andrew Lichtenberger (11th), Jeff Madsen (seventh), bracelet winner Ryan Laplante (4th), and two-time bracelet winner Calvin Anderson (3rd).

place player earnings
1 Drew O’Connell $96,087
2 Sean O’Donnell $59,371
3 Calvin Anderson $40,825
4 Ryan Laplante $28611
5 brit abter $20469
6 Giuseppe Pantaleo $15,154
7 Jeff Madsen $11,346
8 Peter Mogar $8482
9 Zachary Schwartz $6597

Image credit: Borgata Poker Blog.

Event 4 – Omaha Six Max Maximum $1000

Suhaib Purbandarwalasix times WSOP . World Series of Poker Circuit gold ring winner Suhaib Purbandarwala He finally hacked to win his first bracelet in the Omaha six-max event with the $1,000 sign-up limit. The resident of Stamford, Connecticut, passed a field of 273 total entries to secure gold and payout $57,125.

This was the fifth biggest hit in Porbandarwala’s career, increasing his gross earnings to over $1.6 million.

The top 24 players got cash prizes in this Palestine’s libiration organisation Happening with well-known names such as bracelet winner Ian Steinman (24th), Jesse Yagenuma (21st), two-time winner Zamani (ninth), Stanley Lee (4th) and bracelet winner Tristan Wade (3rd) among those who ran deep.

place player earnings
1 Suhaib Purbandarwala $57,125
2 Andre Neveller 40,909 dollars
3 Tristan Wade $29,484
4 Stanley Lee 21106 dollars
5 Michael Holtz $14,840
6 Matthew Stone $10,688

Image credit: Borgata Poker Blog.

Event 5 – $500 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo DeepStack

The fast-paced $500 Hold’em turbo deepstack event attracted 515 entries, building a $231,750 prize pool that was paid out among the top 60 contestants.

In the end, Christopher Castiglia won the race to collect all the chips. This was the first ever recorded result for a Jersey City, NJ resident, which earned him $44,705 and the required WSOP . World Series of Poker Gold bracelet.

There were plenty of big names joining Castiglia at the last few tables of the event, including the likes of the bracelet winner and WPT Champion Ryan Tusock (24th), Shannon Shore (16th), three-time bracelet winner Ryan Laing (14th), two-time bracelet winner Ari Engel (12th), four-time winner Ben Yu (10th), And the year 2013 WSOP . World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Ryan Reese (7th).

place player earnings
1 Christopher Castiglia $44,705
2 Zachary Schwartz $32352
3 John Forlenza $23.546
4 patrick trung $17,057
5 Thomas Cannolly $12,422
6 Paul Dewald $9,177
7 Ryan Race $6744
8 Eric Ethans $5,006
9 Daniel Jordan $3,708

Event 6 – $800 No-Limit Hold’em Ultra DeepStack

Vito DistefanoNext on the agenda was the $800 No-Limit Hold’em event. A prize pool of $282,960 was generated when 393 entries were entered, with that money split between the top 48 contestants. The largest share was taken by Vito Distefano Chicago, Illinois.

It was the biggest cash amount of his career, surpassing the $54,438 he earned as the 17th place finisher in the $1,500 Millionaire Buying event at this year’s event. WSOP . World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. He now has nearly $470,000 in profits recorded thanks to this latest victory.

Other notable arrivals at the event were Ryan Reese (30), Tony Dunst (17) and Katie Lindsey (8).

place player earnings
1 Vito Distefano 57,356 dollars
2 Michael Mercaldo $41,454
3 Michael Menzer $30,135
4 Taehyun Koo $21,816
5 William Hutchinson Jr. $15,817
6 John Forlenza $11,545
7 Bradley Anderson $8432
8 Katie Lindsey $6197
9 Kevin Limmer $4,556

Image credit: Seminole Coconut Creek Blog.

Event 7 – No-Limit Hold’em $365

Jeremy OsmosDespite a relatively modest purchase of only $365, the seventh event of the series ended up with one of the most stacked end tables to date. In the end, the tournament was very ordinary Jeremy Osmos who emerged victorious from the field of 571 entrance. To win, Ausmus received $51807 and his fifth WSOP . World Series of Poker Gold bracelet.

This was Osmos’ second win this year and fourth in the past two years. He came to 2021 with only one bracelet to his name, and won it again in 2013 in WSOP . World Series of Poker Europe Omaha event worth 1650 euros.

Ausmus now has approximately $12.8 million in lifetime live tournament earnings.

As previously mentioned, there were plenty of big names who joined Ausmus in finishing work for the event, including Poker Hall of Fame member David Oppenheim (13), Daniel Negreanu (8th), Nick Schulman (second).

Shulman got one place off securing his fourth bracelet, but ended up getting it all with an open-ended straight pull facing the upper and lower osmos pairs. Schulman failed to improve at the bend or river and was sent to the Virtual Railroad with $37,792 for his efforts.

place player earnings
1 Jeremy Osmos 51807 dollars
2 Nick Shulman $37792
3 Christian Lucas $27611
4 Srinivas Tomala 20154 dollars
5 Ryan Dodd $14,823
6 Kevin Calenzo $10,990
7 Patrick Iskandar $8,145
8 Daniel Negriano $6079
9 Don Hembele $4,552

Event 8 – $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Six-Max Game

Jesse LounesEvent winner no. 8 He played Ausmus Head-up for a bracelet at the start of the 2021 series. Ausmus came out on top at the time, but in this tournament, he was a rising star Jesse Lounes who emerged victorious.

Lonis outscored a field of 384 entries in the $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em event, earning $73,370 and his first gold bracelet. As a result of this win, Little Falls, a native of New York, increased his career earnings to more than $1.8 million.

Other deeply accessible big names include poker blogger Ethan Yao (#35), Alex Rocha (#24), Ryan Reese (#20) and Poker Joe commentator Jeff Platt (#9), who was disqualified just weeks after winning the Poker Tour Mid States Venice The main event.

Joining Lonis at the final table are Vikenty Shegal (sixth), bracelet winner Carlos Welch (5th), bracelet winner Jonathan Dockler (4th), and bracelet winner Cole Ferraro (second).

place player earnings
1 Jesse Lounes $73,370
2 Cole Ferraro $52876
3 Jason Gooch $38638
4 Jonathan Dockler $27993
5 Carlos Welch $20.217
6 vecante quarrel 14,757 dollars

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