How to change Siri’s voice

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Siri and I have a love-hate relationship. We coexist sometimes, until she decides to have a mind of her own and shows me that she really never deserved my trust. Of course I’m joking. But changing Siri’s voice could make the virtual assistant more palatable, not to mention more entertaining.

Admittedly, Siri has come a long way to becoming somewhat reliable voice assistant. Asking to do things works more than half the time now, and it’s always fun to try.

But changing Siri’s voice goes beyond giving it a fun new accent. With a variety of voices to choose from, including accents, genders, and a gender-neutral option, Siri can now sound more like your own voice. As one of the many immigrants in this country, for me, a little inclusivity goes a long way in a world of growing divisions.

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How to change Siri’s voice

One of the first things I do when I get a file Iphone It is to change the voice of Siri. I like to have my devices tailored to my personal liking. So, when I have something new, I enjoy going through all the customizations available and learning about all the settings, and Siri is no exception.

You can find Siri settings and customization options in your iPhone’s Settings app.

The iPhone Settings app is highlighted in the green box.

Go to your iPhone settings.

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Scroll down through your Settings until you find Siri & Search in the available options.

The Siri & Search button on the iPhone is highlighted in the green box.

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When you tap Siri & Search, you’ll see a list of options to help you customize your experience with Siri. This includes Language, which will let you decide which language Siri will speak and understand, and whether your iPhone will constantly listen for the alert phrase, “Hey, Siri.” Other options include things like Siri lock screen settings and whether you can activate them by pressing the side button.

The Siri Voice button on the iPhone is highlighted in the green box.

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Select the new voice you want Siri to use. As a fan of foreign accents, I find it more interesting that Siri uses the voice of an Australian man, and I don’t know why. At least it makes Siri’s wrong answers appear smoother.

Siri voice options on iPhone.

You have many dialects to choose from as well as different sounds for each.

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How do I change Siri’s voice to the original voice?

The process for changing Siri’s voice back to the original is the same: go to iPhone Settings and select Siri & Search; Then choose Siri Voice. Currently, Siri’s original voice is called American Voice 4.

Who is Siri’s voice?

Voice actress Susan Bennett of Atlanta, Georgia, is the Siri voice we’ve come to know and love (or not) in the States. Although this information has not been officially confirmed by Apple, Bennett said she began working on Siri voice with Apple in July 2005, several years before Siri launched in October 2011.

Who are the celebrities that I can change my Siri voice to?

Unfortunately, Siri does not support any voices alternative to those available in the iPhone settings at this time. While it would be nice if Morgan Freeman, Darth Vader, or Yoda could read your reminders and tell you the weather, Apple hasn’t announced any plans to expand Siri with celebrity voices in a permanent way.

If you still want to hear a celebrity give you orders, Amazon Alexa offers some. wizz He’s also been famous for using different celebrity voices in the past, although Morgan Freeman and Snoop Dogg are unfortunately not available now. You can also play with real-time AI voice changer software such as Voicemod.

How do I get more votes for Siri?

The only voices available for Siri are those in the iPhone settings under Siri & Search. There is no way to get more votes for Siri through a third party.

Can you customize Hey Siri?

While you can change Siri’s tone and voice, you can’t customize Siri’s trademark alert phrase, “Hey, Siri.” However, you can bypass the alert phrase by turning off the toggle button that makes your phone constantly listen for “Hey, Siri,” and simply using the side button to wake the voice assistant.

Is Siri bilingual?

Siri is not yet bilingual; However, Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, is. One point where Alexa definitely beats Siri in my house is the ability to understand and speak two languages ​​simultaneously using the English/Spanish setting. Alexa can easily switch between languages ​​spontaneously and understand everyone from my 3-year-old to my mother-in-law, no matter which languages ​​they ask.

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