House of the Dragon just revealed Littlefinger on the show

“Chaos is a ladder,” Littlefinger infamously said in “Game of Thrones.” and prequel series “Dragon House” It just revealed that Larys Strong is climbing it.

Spoiler alert: Contains details from episode 6 of “House of the Dragon,” which airs Sunday, September 25, on HBO and HBO Max.

Episode 6 of “House of the Dragon” provided an exciting time leap for ten years. After 10 years, we can expect a lot of changes.

Princess Rainira and Queen Aliscent played the new actresses (Emma Darcy and Olivia Cooke, respectively). Rainera is now the mother of three children. Demon (Matt Smith) now has two daughters and is married to Laina Villarion (daughter of Corliss and Rhinera’s sister-in-law, Lenore) until Damon is a widower by the end of the hour. Now King Viserys (Paddy Considine) appears to have set foot in the grave.

But one thing remained exactly the same? Laris Strong Snake. It’s this show’s version of Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen), in “Game of Thrones.”

Petry Baelish, also known as Littlefinger (Aiden Gillen), in
Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen), in “Game of Thrones”.

Larrys Strong (Matthew Needham) is the brother of Harwin Strong (Knight is not secretly the biological father of Rainera’s three children, as she has an open relationship with her homosexual husband).

The son of Lionel Strong (Hand of the King who replaced Otto Hightower, after the King expelled him in Episode IV), Larrys has club feet, so he does not participate in traditional male activities. In the third episode with the boar hunting, join the circle of the ladies and listen to their gossip, instead of hunting with the men.

So, similar to Tyrion Lannister, Varys, and Peter “Littlefinger” Baelish in “GoT,” he uses his brain as his weapon rather than a sword.

The cunning ways of the sneaky strategist are highlighted during Episode V, when he approaches Alicent and gives her impetus to turn against Rhaenyra (by spreading the news that Rhaenyra has received a special rendition from Westerosi Plan B in the form of tea).

This means that when Aliscent was trying to defend Rhinera rumors about her sexuality, Rainira lied to her (when she swore she did nothing). This was the last straw in Aliscent’s friendship with her stepdaughter, which made her wear a dress Symbolically declared war. Therefore, this feud between Aliscent and Rhinera had been largely instigated by Larez.

Reinera (Emma Darcy) and Lenore (John MacMillan) with their newborn baby
Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) and Laenor (John MacMillan) with their newborn baby in “House of the Dragon”.

Now, in this sixth episode, after Larry’s father Lionel and brother Harwin leave court (due to rumors that Harwin will have Rhinera’s sons), they die in a fire started by the killers. the culprit? Why, none other than Lars Strong himself.

Earlier in the episode, Aliscent talked about wishing her father, Otto Hightower, was at court with her, because he would tell the truth to the King when no one else was willing, and he would also be on her side against Rhinera. Now, the current king’s hand died easily, his son killed it, leaving this position open.

“The Queen makes a wish. Which servant in the kingdom wouldn’t strive to make it come true? I suppose you’ll write to your father now,” says Larries, after revealing his crime.

A demon sitting on a roof looking at his daughters
Damon (Matt Smith, right) and his two daughters in “House of the Dragon.”

Aliscent is terrified and says, “I didn’t want to.” Larez replies with a smile, “I’m sure you’ll reward me, when the time is right.”

So, Larize is such a vile schemer that he is willing to arrange the murders of his father and brother, only to win the love of Queen Aliscent.

“House of the Dragon” has many villains so far. At first, it seemed as if Satan was the opponent; also sexually preying on his niece Not exactly good guy behavior. King Viserys did some suspicious movementsRhaenyra’s half-brother may be Aegon’s teenage half-brother Mini Joffrey in training. But at the end of this episode, it’s clear that Larys Strong appears as Petyr Baelish’s type villain lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike when not everyone expected it.

“House of the Dragon” airs at 9 p.m. on HBO Sundays.

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