Giants’ Cor’Dale Flott is set to take on the elite cowboy receivers

Learning to ride a bike comes with the expectation of falling or falling.

Keep in mind that this is an analogy to playing Cornback in the NFL as a rookie, like Giant Cordell Flute, who has held alone for the past half week against a three-time 1,000-yard receiver. The Giants held top corner back Adoree’ Jackson on the Panthers with a deep-threat Robbie Anderson and left Flott on his first career start against DJ Moore, who eventually blasted off to a 16-yard touchdown when Flott skidded and slid to the ground.

“I learned a lot of lessons from being there,” said Flott, who only allowed that on three goals. “It shows the coaches’ confidence in me, which I respect a lot.”

As the corner kick kicked off, Aaron Robinson (the Appendix) was once again sidelined, the Giants’ plan to cover the Cowboys trilogy of CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup (in his first season) and Noah Brown is unknown, but Flott’s characters play a prominent role. Curator Wink Martindale said he had “the best week of training” after finding out it was going to be a start.

Veteran Fabian Moreau finished the match last week in place of Flute (who was suffering from cramps, according to Martindale), and he is expected to be promoted from the coaching staff for the third week in a row.

Cornback Giants Cordell Flute
Noah K. Mora

“The cowboys have elite reception, so I’m preparing for the execution,” Flute said. “At LSU, there are no training wheels at all. I’m used to that.”

LSU’s Flott was drafted to play the slot, but Darnay Holmes won the job early in training camp.

“I’m comfortable outside too, so whichever is available and wherever I need to, I’ll be there to play,” Flott said. “Fabian knows the game as much as anyone in our room. If he was there, I would be a good teammate and support him.”

WR Kadarius Tony (hamstring) DL Leonard Williams (knee) did not train on Saturday and both were listed as suspect in the latest injury report. OLBs Azeez Ojulari (the calf) and Kayvon Thibodeaux (the MCL sprain) are both officially suspect, but they appear to have the green light to play while preventing a relapse. Neither of them played in their first two games after they were listed as questionable.

“I think they’re a lot better than they were the week before,” Daboll said. “We’re moving in the right direction with these guys.”

OL Jon Feliciano (Shane), DBs Dane Belton (clavicle) and Jason Pinnock (shoulder) have been upgraded to full participants and allowed to play.

WR Wan’Dale Robinson (knee), CBs Justin Layne (concussion), Nick McCloud (hamstring) and Aaron Robinson were knocked out.

QB Tyrod Taylor was not in training on Saturday for personal reasons, but is expected to join the squad in time to be available for the match.

During a movie screening on “NFL Live,” ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky said the Panthers were passing/passing against the Giants, depending on whether Christian McCaffrey was lined up next to Baker Mayfield in Venice or one yard behind him. Panthers coach Matt Roll disagreed with the assessment, but were the Giants tucked in?

Daboll didn’t say definitively, but as a former offensive coordinator, he’s familiar with turning plays.

“You’re always trying to get a competitive advantage,” Daboll said. “You can look at an exploratory report and talk about the tendencies. In the heat of battle, do I think it matters? Yes. But unless something is 100 percent or in the high, high, high, 80’s [percent-wise], you can tell the player often, where they think, ‘Find this. And remember this. Do this.’ You want to let them go use their skill set and play quickly.”

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