Fujitsu and Phytocontrol collaborate to provide a food contaminant analysis service via Fujitsu Computing as a Service (CaaS)

TokyoAnd the September 16, 2022 – (JCN Newswire) – – Fujitsu today announced the start of a strategic cooperation with it Phytocontrol group (hereinafter referred to as Phytocontrol) (1), the leading French company in the analysis of pollutants for environmental and food safety. In August, the two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding, and as part of this collaboration, Fujitsu and Phytocontrol will develop AI-powered (2) chromatography services.

These services aim to contribute to ensuring food safety by accelerating and improving the accuracy of contaminant analysis in the food industry and contributing to the digital transformation (DX) of various analytical business processes by extending services based on this analysis technology to other industries including healthcare and cosmetics on world class.

Together, Fujitsu and Phytocontrol will offer end-to-end AI chromatography technology via “Fujitsu Computing as a Service” (CaaS) – Fujitsu’s suite of services that makes advanced computing technologies available to users via the cloud – to provide chromatography services to food companies, distributors and regulators all over the world. Fujitsu and Phytocontrol aim to start offering the new service during fiscal year 2023.

This collaboration with Phytocontrol is an element of Fujitsu’s continued commitment to providing optimal IT environments and solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers under Fujitsu Uvance, its global brand for a sustainable world.

The global food crisis: the growing need for food security

The worsening global food crisis remains an ongoing problem, with approximately 400,000 people dying worldwide each year due to the consumption of contaminated food (3).

To this end, food safety and ensuring that contaminants and contaminants do not enter the food production and supply chain is an important task. However, rapid and accurate analysis of contaminants in food has gained importance in recent years due to the increasing numbers of a variety of contaminants in food and the need to analyze an increasing number of different food samples.

To address this issue, in 2020 Fujitsu and Phytocontrol developed a system that integrates Fujitsu’s AI technology that automates the process of analyzing contaminants in food and water. The AI ​​system not only speeds up analysis time from raw data extraction for each sample to verification of results by a factor of 5, but can also reduce human errors and greatly improve operational efficiency and accuracy (4).

Building on these efforts, Fujitsu and Phytocontrol have begun further collaboration to offer an AI-based analysis system as a service via Fujitsu’s CaaS to provide advanced, easy-to-use technology to a wide range of players in the food industry.

cooperation scheme

1. Global Provider of Food Contamination CaaS Component Analysis Services

Fujitsu’s CaaS includes advanced computing resources such as Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired Digital Annealer technology, Fugaku supercomputer computing technology, and software applications that allow a wide range of users to solve AI and machine learning problems via the cloud. Fujitsu CaaS will be available for the Japanese market at October 2022 And expansion in the global market during the fiscal year 2023.

As part of their collaboration, Fujitsu and Phytocontrol will build a food contaminant ingredient analysis service that aims to make it available to a wide range of stakeholders, including food companies, distributors and regulatory authorities via Fujitsu’s CaaS. The two companies aim to support rapid and accurate analysis of contaminated ingredients in the food industry and contribute to ensuring food safety.

2. Expansion into other industries including health care and cosmetics

The two companies plan to apply services based on AI chromatography technology to a wide range of industries besides the food industry, including healthcare and cosmetics and plan to provide services to the European and global market. In this way, Fujitsu and Phytocontrol aim not only to ensure safety in the food industry, but also to contribute to solving problems in various industries by promoting DX.

Toshiaki AriyamaSenior Vice President, Head of Core Technology Unit Uvance, Fujitsu Ltd.comments:

Through this strategic collaboration, we look forward to offering a wide range of cloud services via “CaaS” based on Phytocontrol technologies and the knowledge accumulated by Fujitsu. Together, we aim to provide a service that ensures food and water safety, supports people’s lives, and contributes to a sustainable society.

Michael Brysonfounder and CEO of Phytocontrol group comments:

We have been successfully working with Fujitsu for over two years now to digitize our production processes. We believe that “Fujitsu Computing as a Service” (CaaS) is a very good opportunity to accelerate and expand our cooperation to grow our business through fast and reliable chromatography using artificial intelligence worldwide.

(1) Phytocontrol group :

headquarters: NeemFrancis Founder and Chairman of the Executive Board: Michael Bryson.

Phytocontrol group The purpose is to ensure food and environmental safety by providing innovative technology solutions and full support for laboratory analyses, regulatory monitoring, training, quality audits and digital traceability. Its specialist teams consist around 3 markets: AgriFood (Food Processing), Waters (Hydrology) and biopharma (Good Laboratory Practice Studies) to meet the health safety needs of all types of clients. Thus Phytocontrol strives to ensure local support and high quality service that differentiates itself in terms of responsiveness and reliability.

Find out more:

(2) Chromatography:

A general term for the separation and analysis of the components of compounds in substances. As the rinsing time for each component is different, each component is separated and detected.

(3) Approximately 400,000 people die worldwide every year due to consumption of contaminated food:

(source) World Health Organization (Who is the) “Estimating the burden of foodborne diseases”

(4) Use case of Fujitsu/Phytocontrol

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