Football in Kansas – yes, football in Kansas – is really 3-0

Duke (3-0) will play Kansas (3-0) in American football next Saturday with some focus on a coach with a 10-letter nickname starting with a “K” so players call him “Coach K.” You don’t have a craniofacial that makes you wonder if you need more kale. You don’t have an REM dream in which all the wrong people are in all the wrong places and the scoreboard crashes.

You follow college football, which has always held a knack for demonstrating hallucinations, but spent last September in particular, wildly distorted. You might even think that the transfer gate made cohesion less achievable and the results unpredictable, and it’s not just in gorgeous Boone, NC, where Appalachian State spent Sept. Troy on 53-yard Hill Daniel Boone’s latest play, a hail even more murky than most hail.

No, at the top of the surrealist pile, there’s an exciting Kansas City going 3-0 with a road win – what? – West Virginia and Houston, with the nation’s ninth-best attacking yards per game (7.55), and charismatic quarterback with light in his eyes and 11 receptions in his last points in the box.

KS stands 3-0. Yes, there is hype in Seattle — thank God, because country football needs the hype in Seattle — with Michael Benicks Jr. 39-28 No. 11 Michigan State crashed, with people barking in the stands, but Kansas stands 3-0 with wins over West Virginia and Houston.

Yes, she faced Notre Dame 0-3 and then beat California, 24-17when another crazy Cal Cal pass from a receiver falls into the end zone as he tries like an REM dream to catch him, but did you notice that KS stands 3-0 with a win over West Virginia and Houston?

Yes, Missouri State went 10th in Arkansas State, former Fayetteville-based coach and scandal maker Bobby Petrino coach Missouri these days, Missouri State advanced 17-0 in the second quarter and 27-17 in the fourth, immortal coach Sam Pittman of Arkansas said “He made his children more prepared than me,” and Arkansas won, 38-27partly because Bryce Stevens was breathing in from 82 yards back punt And he said, “It was a blackout moment” — but what about that KS?

Yes Southern California sits 3-0 under Lincoln Riley and it looks like Southern California should… Penn State sits 3-0 under James Franklin and it looks like Penn State should do it after Auburn ransacked Auburn… Southern Illinois lost against Incarnate Ward (64-29) and Southeast Missouri (34-31) but then won at Northwestern… Bowling Green lost 59-57 in seven more times to Eastern Kentucky but then won 34-31 in overtime On Marshall who just beat Notre Dame…Kansas lasted until the 14-point underdog Tulane arrived in town (17-10 lectures)…Syracuse and Purdue played something incomprehensible to the human mind…and there’s a lot more to it all.. But goodness, KS.

Syracuse, Appalachian State Runs Wild (College Football Winners and Losers)

Since 2010, when Mark Mangino ended his humble Kansas tenure that expanded reality to boast an Orange Bowl win that can still be omitted from the records as an obvious farce, Kansas has gone 23-118, five losses from being underground by 100. He has not won more than three times in any season. You’ve struggled somewhere under obscurity through four other coaches not even Miles, who left in the late winter of 2021 amid a scandal, and if you’re going to have one, can’t you at least take some victories to justify it? Otherwise, KS only gained notice for its exotic atmosphere like A female student knitting in vacant stalls during the match. Last season’s six home attendances ranged from 23,117 to 30,611 (in Kansas State).

It’s time for year 2 head coach Lance Leibold, a name well known to people who pay so much attention to all this craziness. From 2007 to 2014 in Division III Wisconsin-Whitewater, Leipold held a 109-6 with six national titles, so you know fans grumbled about the next two years. Then Leibold went 37-33 with two pot wins in six seasons at Buffalo, and now he’s doing things like sitting around the post-game in Morgantown and saying, “I think our depth is starting to show.”

“Ks” and “depth” in the same sentences can make the eyelids twitch.

“This is a group that has been mentally bruised a lot, and they are starting to gain some confidence and believe in each other,” he said in Morgantown.

Is there any better reason to pursue sports?

He said in Houston, “You can see how proud they are, and see how happy they are. We’re talking about having a chance to play these games, like saying ‘Stop hoping to win and find a way to win.’”

In turn, fans of West Virginia and Houston had the opportunity to get into these games, as to say, “But we already got a win here before the opening match kicks off.”

Kansas has this offense, football offense, which Matt Tate of Lawrence Journal World calls “fantasy, electric and so much fun.” I fell behind in both West Virginia and Houston 14-0, which is a smart strategy to instill complacency. It has as coordinator Andy Kotelnicki, who has joined Leibold in Wisconsin, New York and Kansas so far, and his nickname consists of four syllables for Mike Krzyowski’s three syllables, which is all the more reason for the linguistic fit of “Coach K.”

Midfielder Jalon Daniels said: “Coach K is very focused on trying to distort the defense, and I feel like those running backs that we have in there allow us to distort defenses because they don’t know who he’s going to get the ball at the end of the play.”

Hailing from the often-overlooked small village of Lundell, located in the sprawling greater Los Angeles area, Daniels now tells of “the amount of smiling and excited my teammates are…” he says, “I felt like we did a good job smearing today,” he says, He meant the Houston defense but he could have meant the minds of American football.

He even said of one game that seemed to mirror another, “It was technically the same play, but it wasn’t the same play,” and those devastated minds with American football could nod their understanding as he laughed at it and said, “As I said, coach ( K) does a lot of distortion with his innuendo.”

The distortion may help as Memorial Stadium approaches its 47,000-capacity capacity on Saturday. Perhaps fans will feel it is a peak day since they are also enjoying the men’s basketball program as the national champions. They will probably enjoy how crazy the sport is when the ball doesn’t bounce the same way every time you drop it.

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