Five burning questions for Wilde’s bootcamp: Can Guerin swing a deal for advanced help?

Finally, after a long time with some notable additions and subtractions of Kevin VialaAnd the Cam Talbot And the Dmitriy KulikovWilde’s training camp has arrived.

Players reported on Wednesday, with the first sessions on the ice kicking off Thursday.

58 players will participate in the campincluding 22 promoted from last week’s Tom Kurvers Prospect Showcase in Chicago.

Many of the training sessions are free and open to the public. Here is the current bootcamp schedule, which is subject to change to a large extent. Here is the link to book tickets For bootcamp and all-season training.

Before we start talking about bootcamp, here are some stories to catch up if you’ve missed out this summer:

Going forward, let’s take a look at the biggest questions Wild will have to answer at boot camp, along with predicted streaks and cover placement:

1. Can Guerin steal a good striker from a team tied in the hat?

Why bury Aldeed? This is the biggest question in the camp. With Kulikov trading, Wild freed up to $2.25 million of cap space and now technically has $5.7 million and change to spend.

In the team’s opinion, this number is really lower, because with Jordan Greenway And the John Merrill The season is not expected to start, there is theoretical scope for four candidates hoping to make up the squad: a sixth defender and seventh (one of whom may be Calin Addison), the 13th striker, and as long as he gets a spot, Rossi.

However, with the season opening with a four-game home and AHL Iowa close by, Wild doesn’t necessarily have to put a seventh defensive player and 13 forward on the roster (excluding injury) until they’re out on a five-game road trip in late October.

The Wild will also want to leave a cushion of at least $1 million to be able to withstand the recalls this season.

General Manager Bill Guerin’s plan here is transparent.

NHL Teams must be in line with the cap – less than $82.5 million – by opening night on October 11th. There are several bands around or above the maximum. There are also teams that have a very large number of attackers.

Guerin hopes that as the season approaches and these teams become more desperate, he will be able to get past a good striker, preferably a scorer who can help replace the 85 points lost by dealing with Villa. Los Angeles KingsEither for very little or essentially for free.

Some of the teams that may need this type of cover dump include FloridaAnd the EdmontonAnd the DallasAnd the MontrealAnd the BostonAnd the VegasLos Angeles, WashingtonAnd the TorontoAnd the Columbus And the Vancouver.

There may also be intriguing players put on concessions next month.

2. How do the lines vibrate?

Nothing has changed since then the athlete Sat with Evason last weekthe heavy top line in Wild from 2021-22 of Kirill KaprizovAnd the Ryan Hartman And the Mats Zuccarello will remain intact.

But with Greenway on the shelf, which takes its place on the left side of Joel Erickson Eck And the Marcos Foligno?

Evason said there will be a lot of experiences in the camp Tyson Jost He will get the initial appearance. Jost arrived in trade from Colorado to Nico Sturm Last season but didn’t get many chances outside the fourth line. This would be his big shot to not only receive more minutes but also contribute offensively while helping the line maintain its identity as a three-stop.

We all know about Evason’s closeness to Freddy Gaudreau. He feels he can play anywhere. after, after Matt BoldiGoudreau’s arrival last January built a strong streak with Viala and Poldi.

But just to illustrate how much opportunity Wild Rossi gives to make up the team, Gaudreau is expected to start a training camp on the left wing, so Rossi and Sam Steel It can be tried in that central spot next to Boldy.

Conor Dewar And the Brandon Doheme It will end the fourth line. If Rossi makes the squad, Steele could end up in the center there. But don’t be surprised if we hear a lot Nick Petan In the camp too. The 27-year-old center has 154 games of experience in the NHL and could push to make the team a 12th or 13th striker.

Remember, many plans can be changed if Guerin can add that forward before opening.

3. What about defense pairs?

Evason dropped a bit of news in the Q&A last week when he said Wild’s plan to open camp by breaking up the best defensive couple.

Long-time staples and best friends off the ice Jonas Prudden And the Matt Domba They will not open camp together.

Instead, Brodin will be paired up with the captain Jared Spurgeon While Dumba will start with Jake Middletonwho arrived last season from San Jose in the Cabo Kahkkonen trade.

“We think it might give us the opportunity to play Spurge and Brodes against the top players, the top players, the top players, in terms of speed, and then those against the other two teams a little bit more, the heavier and heavier combos,” Evason said.

So we’ll see what that looks like.

With Meryl hurts, Alex Goligowski The camp is supposed to open on the left side of Addison. It will be interesting to see how the camp play between Addison and Andre Sisterthe 6-foot-8 right-footed defending man with 361 games of NHL experience.

Guerin talks like the plan is that Sustr is to make up the team. He’s a good penalty shootout killer, which was a huge loss to Wilde last season. But Addison is a tough guy, and Wild’s strong game was a disappointment last season, too.

So this could be a real camp fight.

4. What PP and PK mods will we see?

Evason indicated that we will see changes in individuals on the energy play but not many schematic changes. It will obviously be interesting to see how Wild works in Boldy and newbies like Rossi and Addison. When they played together in Iowa, Boldy and Rousey had good harmony in the power game and each played half the wall. Addison quarterback power play there.

In terms of penalty kicks, Evason noted that Wild – often passive manner last season – would be more aggressive. But he also wants his players to stop throwing away the desperation that never gets out of the area and often ends up in the net. Part of the design for Wild’s revised penalty kick kill system will be to give players more options for passing within the defensive zone.

5. Will Rossi make up the team?

Rousey had a largely nondescript training camp last September, which was no shock. After fearing for his health the previous winter, he had to take several months off – not only from playing hockey but also from skating and aerobics. This resulted in a short period of training.

But after earning nearly a point per game last season at Iowa State, Rossi has worked hard this season to prepare for camp. He is so excited that he has asked his family not to consider visiting until the end of the season so he can focus solely on making up the team.

Wild wants to see a prominent Russian in both practices and show games over the next few weeks.

I left a vacant spot for him. The door is wide open. Now he has to take advantage.

Expected defensive lines and pairs to open the camp


Line LW c RW


Kirill Kaprizov ($9 million)

Ryan Hartman ($1.7 million)

Mats Zuccarello ($6 million)


Tyson Jost ($2 million)

Joel Ericson Eck ($5.25 million)

Marcos Foligno ($3.1 million)


Freddy Goudreau ($1.2 million)

Marco Rossi ($863,333)

Matt Baldy ($880,000+)


Conor Dewar ($800,000)

Sam Steele ($825,000)

Brandon Duhemy ($750,000)


* Jordan Greenway ($3 million)

Competition for spots: Rossi ($863,333) and Nick Petain ($762,500), Adam Beekman ($894,167), Mitchell Shafee (750,000 USD), Mason Show (750,000 USD), Nick Swane (750,000 USD), Joseph Kramarosa (750,000 USD), Sami Walker ($855,000), Brandon Paddock (750,000 USD), Stephen Fogarty (750,000 USD), Damien Giroud ($818,833) Sam Hentigs ($855,000), Vladislav Verstov ($925,000), Pavel Novak ($846,667)**.

* Greenway is out of two off-season surgeries and is expected to miss the start of the season.

** Novak He was diagnosed with cancerHe finished chemotherapy and told the athlete On Sunday he will be examined by doctors in two weeks.

defense men

Husband LD research and development


Jonas Pruden ($6 million)

Jared Spurgeon ($7.575 million)


Jake Middleton ($2.45 million)

Matt Domba ($6 million)


Alex Golegowski ($2 million)

Callen Addison ($795,000)


* John Merrill ($1.2 million)

Andrej Sustr ($750 thousand)

Competition for spots: Addison ($795,000), Sister ($750,000), Dakota Mermes (750,000 USD), Joe Heckts (750,000 USD), Devil Hunt ($850,833), Ryan O’Rourke ($86,667), Simon Johansson ($855,000).

* Merrill is out of off-season surgery and is expected to miss the start of the season.


Marc-Andre Fleury ($3.5 million)

Philip Gustafson ($787,500)

Competition for spots: Zane McIntyre (750,000 USD), Jesper Walstead ($925,000 USD), Hunter Jones ($825,833).

cap space

Hitting the salary cap: $64,018,333

Dead Hat Fee (Zach Barris/Ryan Sutter): $12,743,588

Salary cap for 2022-23 season: $82.5 million

Wild Roof Roof: $69756412

Salary cap area: $5,738,079 (excluding roster hopefuls such as Rossi, Addison, Sister or other potential team members)

(Top photo by Jared Spurgeon and Kirill Kaprizov: Brace Hemmelgarn/USA today)

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