David Price to retire after 2022 season

Former Cy Young winner, two-time runner-up, David Price Plans to retire after the 2022 season, announced Bob Nightingale USA Today. “It’s about time,” Price stated, and that “everything on my body hurts.”

The price, now 37, was originally formulated at 19The tenth A round-up of the 2004 MLB Draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers, but chose to attend the Vanderbilt University baseball plant. As a junior, he hit an 11-1 record with a 2.63 ERA in 133 1/3 innings, hit 194 hitters in the process and earned college baseball’s highest honor, the Dick Hauser Cup.

After his dominant college career, he was drafted first overall in 2007 by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (now the Tampa Bay Rays) and awarded a six-year contract worth $11.25 million, with the second largest signing bonus in MLB history at $5.6 million. Price quickly rose through the ranks of the minor league, and made his major league debut in September of 2008 helping the Rays make a post-season, interesting alert, and post-season win before winning the regular season.

Price would then spend his next five and a half seasons torturing the MLS with the Rays, reaching a dominant 3.19 ERA over 1,129 2/3 innings with an 82-48 record and helping Tampa Bay reach the playoffs in 2010, 2011, and 2013. During this stretch Price was a three-time All-Star (2010, 2011, and 2012), and finished second in 2010 for Cy Young against Felix Hernandezand outperform Justin Verlander In 2012 for AL Cy Young Award – he was shown to a 2.56 ERA in 211 rounds with a 20-5 record, earning some MVP votes in the process.

However, on the 2014 trade deadline with the team below .500, Rays chose to trade the price to the Detroit Tigers in a three-team deal that brought back the . Drew SmileyAnd the Nick FranklinAnd the Willie Adams and sent Austin Jackson To the Seattle Mariners. This Tigers team, led by Justin Verlander’s three current Cy Young winners, Max Scherzerprice, and accompanied by future winner Cy Young in Rick Purcellobarely took AL Central from the Royals and swept it up by the Baltimore Orioles at the 2014 ALDS.

After the 2014 season, Price and the Tigers avoided arbitration and agreed to a salary of $19.75 million for the 2015 season, setting a record for the largest one-year deal for a player eligible to arbitrate. Showing that he was worth every penny, Price went on to dominate in 2015 with a 2.53 ERA in 146 innings and earn a trip to his fifth All-Star Game in his seven-year career. However, the Tigers fell steadily in 2015 and decided to flip the price on the deadline to trade to the Toronto Blue Jays in order to Daniel NorrisAnd the Matt BoydAnd the Jairo Laporte. With the Blue Jays, Price continued to bully the speculators, posting a 9-1 record with 2.30 ERA in 74 1/3 innings – ending the year with 32 combined starts across both teams, with 2.45 ERA in 220 1/3 innings and runner-up to Dallas Keuchel in Cy Young’s vote that year.

David Price

Although still without much success in the finals, Price wove his impressive career and decade year performance into a whopping seven-year $217 million contract with the Boston Red Sox and stated that “It was just saving all my post-season wins for the Red Sox. His first year with Boston was tough, with Price posting a worst ERA at the time of 3.99 in 230 innings, a far cry from the 2.90 ERA he had posted during the 2012-2015 seasons. Nonetheless, Price made a 35 start, the highest market pitcher since then Chris Carpenter in 2010. Price then suffered various elbow injuries in the 2017 season, starting the season on the injured list and returning to it in late July before returning in mid-September as a savior to assist the Red Sox in the playoff round. However, Price returned in relatively good health in the 2018 season, posting a record 16-7 in 176 rounds (30 starts) with strike averages and walk rates of roughly 24.5% and 6.9%, respectively, en route to his first episode in the world championship. Notably, Price was able to shake off his under-performance title, scoring 3.46 ERAs in 26 runs (5 starts), 23 write-offs and only 12 runs as the Red Sox won the World Championship for the fourth time in 15 seasons. .

Price again dealt with injuries in the 2019 season, first with left elbow tendinitis and later with a triple fibrocartilage cyst in the wrist that ended his season early. However, when Price was healthy, he provided solid support to get back into the spin, hitting a high-profile 4.28 ERA in 107 1/3 rounds. More importantly, Price is starting to lose effectiveness against right-handed hitters, with the right lowering .257/.314/.460 for the .773 OPS in 2019 compared to a slash of .234/.293/.402/.695 in 2019 . After the 2019 season, Chief Baseball Officer Haim Blum shocked the baseball world by sending Bryce and former MVP Mocky Pets to the Los Angeles Dodgers in what was largely seen as a cost-cutting move. Trade brought Alex VerdugoAnd the Connor WongAnd the Jeter Downs For Red Sox.

The Dodger finally opted out of the COVID-shortened 2020 season before returning in the main batting role for the first time since 2008. He shot to a 4.03 palatable ERA in 73 2/3 innings, and appeared in 39 games. However, it had a low K% of 17.8% plus a BB% above 8.0% – which saw the average speedball drop to 91.9 mph. Additionally, while the right continued squaring the ball, and posted a common .270/.330/.432 slash good for the .762 OPS, the left also started hitting the price, making the .276/.353/.419 slash with . A .772 OPS – A far cry from the .210/.291/.381/.672 slash line, Price gave up left in the 2018 season (his last full season).

The 2022 season was a solid year of recovery for Price, with Southpaw recording 2.58 ERAs in 38 1/3 innings at 23.3K% and 5.0 BB%. With the Dodgers recently securing a post-season berth, Bryce can look for another coveted episode before heading into sunset on his terms.

Price retires as 5-time All-Star, Cy Young winner and world champion. For five to six years, he was among the best shooters in the sport. MLBTR congratulates him on his excellent career and successes, and wishes him all the best in retirement.

Image courtesy of USA Today Sports.

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