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  • Skipping meals can take years off your life, study finds — here’s what to know

    Study finds that skipping meals may shorten lifeArx0nt – Getty Images A study found that skipping meals may be linked to an early death. Researchers found that skipping breakfast is associated with an “increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease.” A dietician weighs the study’s findings and limitations. We’ve heard for years that breakfast is […]

  • An Indian recipe to suppress micronutrient malnutrition

    When it comes to nutrition, or more specifically Micronutrient malnutritionThere is an urgent need to address the diseases that malnutrition can affect the masses, especially given the diversity of the population in India. Malnutrition exacerbates the scale of the public health crises we face, and is India’s gravest challenge and concern. As in the National […]

  • 8 everyday ways to naturally improve your gut health

    Gut health has become one of the hottest health topics in recent years as people have begun to learn about the complex relationship between gut health and overall health – from their skin to me their mood and everything in between. Thanks in large part to social media, particularly TikTok, gut health is a viral […]

  • Hacks for healthy eating this season

    you welcome in Everygirl podcast. Whether you’re looking for insider secrets from successful women who landed your dream job, are interested in expert tips for transforming your health and feeling your best, or just want to entertain and laugh with us on your commute, we’ve got you covered. This is the season – this is […]

  • my class? Few Americans know or follow the American Nutrition Guide

    Here’s a quick quiz: What replaced the Food Pyramid, the government’s guide to healthy eating that has been around for nearly 20 years? If you are confused, you are not alone. More than a decade after USDA officials abandoned the pyramid, few Americans have ever heard of MyPlate, a dinner-plate-shaped logo focused on fruits and […]

  • 10 ways to improve your metabolic health, from a PhD in Nutrition

    Excess obesity, insulin resistance, and leptin resistance are three things to avoid (or improve). obesity It reduces insulin sensitivity12 over time. Insulin resistance makes us metabolically less flexible, which makes it difficult to burn fat and calories. And insulin resistance feeds into leptin resistance, which worsens fat metabolism and regulation. Family doctor Bindiya Gandhi, MD […]

  • Why you should “eat a rainbow” of fruits and vegetables every day

    You’d be forgiven for assuming that the adage “eat the rainbow” was just another baseless piece of advice encouraging people to consume more fruit than veggies. But colors matter a lot when it comes to our health, and whether it’s a bright red apple or an earthy green pear, the color of natural foods is […]

  • Brown or white: which rice or sugar is better for your health? Ask a dietitian

    White rice is less nutritious than brown rice, which has led many people to include it as a better option in their diet. However, white rice could be more useful For some people and in specific circumstances. As for sugar, while brown is better than white, neither is recommended as part of a healthy diet. […]

  • Best low-carb diet for diabetes: animal protein versus plant protein

    Post on PinterestThe source of protein in your diet may have an impact on your risk of developing diabetes. Design by MNT; Photo by Julia Fiore Photography/Getty Images & Lindas Photography/Getty Images More than 95% of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes, which is often caused by excess body mass and inactivity. Type 2 […]

  • 13 Great Tips to Get Rid of Belly Fat Easily (around your body)

    These amazing belly fat loss tips will allow you to easily transform your body, health and fitness. 1. Reduce sugar as much as possible Whenever possible, try to reduce your sugar intake as this can spike insulin levels and throw off the sustainability of your fat loss plans. 2. Shop in the lanes surrounding the […]