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  • The 30 Best Southern Rap Songs of the ’90s

    Listen: DJ DMD, “25 Lighters” [ft. Lil’ Keke and Fat Pat] DJ Jimmy: “Where They At” (1992) The Triggaman Break, a one-bar, synth-loop drum machine lifted from the song “Drag Rap” by the Showboys, laid the foundation for throwback music, an integral part of New Orleans culture over the past several decades. One of the […]


    estate Pantera drummer Vincent “Vinnie Paul” Abbott He issued a statement in support of the remixed band’s upcoming shows — but stopped short of calling it a “reunion.” Pantera – Featuring the surviving members Rex Brown (bass) f Philip Anselmo (singing) with the guitarist Zak Wilde (OZZY OSBOURNEAnd the Black Label Society) and a drummer […]

  • Elizabeth Chan on her legal battle with Mariah Carey over ‘The Queen of Christmas’

    Christmas singer Elizabeth Chan has officially reclaimed the title of “Queen of Christmas” for all after Mariah Carey’s trademark objection to the term. “It was David and Goliath,” she said of her legal dispute with the mega-millionaire singer. “I mean: I can’t be the youngest David on this one.” (Photo: Elizabeth Chan) Elisabeth Chan came […]

  • Fievel Is Glauque: Flaming Swords album review

    Zach Phillips places great importance on preparation and growth: rehearsals are plentiful, recording sessions are short, and the next opportunity to collaborate is always on the horizon. Since the establishment of OSR Selective Labeling (now known as “la Loi”) In 2007, the Brooklyn-based songwriter and bandleader has released music with countless titles –horse boysAnd the […]

  • Jennifer Lopez says it was “nice” to perform with Shakira at the Super Bowl

    Jennifer Lopez said it was “beautiful” to perform with Shakira at the Super Bowl. Lopez said earlier that getting two Latin artists to share a stage was “the worst idea in the world.” She told Apple Music that she wanted to show the world that Latin culture “has nothing to fear.” loading Something is loading. […]

  • Oklahoma singer-songwriter Jake Flint dies hours after the wedding

    Oklahoma singer-songwriter Jake Flint and his bride, Brenda, didn’t seem to let the damp weather dampen their spirits as they exchanged vows on Saturday at a remote house between Claremore and Owasu. “It was raining, but he rented a 40′ x 60 circus tent… They put a bunch of carpet over the muck and then […]

  • Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Heroes’ Hot 100 Rules, Mariah Carey Returns to Top 10 – Billboard

    Taylor SwiftAnti-Hero’s “Anti-Hero” Adds Fifth Week At No. 1 On Billboard Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, including its entire run in the survey so far. Meanwhile, four holiday classics chime all the way back into the Top 100: Mariah Careyalbum, All I Want for Christmas Is You, from No. 25 to No. 5; “Rockin’ Around […]

  • No need for “Krich” for foreign music apps

    24Six gives each user the ability to define their own standards and build their own media experience. You can manage your family’s content and stream worry-free. Full Story Changing the tone of Jewish music forever!This weekend, thousands joined the most innovative and important Jewish app of the year. 24Six is ​​a completely new and cohesive […]

  • Taylor Swift’s Midnights spends its fourth week atop the Billboard 200 – Billboard

    Taylor Swift‘s midnight Spending a fourth non-consecutive week at number one on the charts plate 200 The albums chart (dated December 3) is at number one on the list with 177,000 album-equivalent units acquired in the US in the week ending November 24 (down 13%), according to Luminate. explore Watch the latest videos, infographics and […]

  • Why certain types of music make our brains sing, and others not

    Summary: Music can evoke a range of emotions and help us better understand different cultures. But what makes us listen to some songs more than others? Researchers say when we listen to a song, our brains make predictions about what will happen next, and that prediction determines whether or not we like that song. source: […]