Heavy metals, the inside story of American shipbuilders

by Captain John Conrad (gCaptain) Tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States and what could be more American than sitting on the beach, reading about heavy industry and building US Navy aircraft carriers? Michael Fabe’s new book – Heavy Metal: The Hard Days and Nights of the Shipbuilders Building America – Explore Huntington Ingalls … Read more

Hamza Arshad talks about the popularity and diversity of YouTube and children’s books

From racking up hundreds of millions of views on YouTube to being a successful author and even being awarded an MBE by the Queen, Hamza Arshad is truly a force to be reckoned with. The South London-born found widespread fame with his YouTube comedy series titled “Badman Diary‘, which follows the hilarious highs and lows … Read more

Two Minnesota thrillers and a children’s book about sailboats – the Twin Cities

Two Minnesota thrillers today, plus a children’s book about a tough skiff on Lake Superior. “Northfall” By Brian Lutherman (Oak Ridge Press, $17) “Northfall” by Brian Lauterman (Oak Ridge Press, $17) Took a Mental Inventory: Conover Partners. Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Catholic Church. the police. If I think carefully, there may be another powerful … Read more

1893 The property tax ledger takes a roundabout way home | lifestyle

GREENVILLE, TN – Forgotten chapters of Greene County’s history are gathering dust in attics and basements. The T. Elmer Cox Genealogical and Historical Library is keen to restore and preserve records and other documents so that the information will be available to future generations. Christopher Jose, assistant director of the Greenville/Green County Public Library and … Read more

The problem of defining comic book characters as “crazy”

How many super villains on a comic book page or in their big screen adaptations are motivated, explained, or empowered by “criminal insanity”? These characters are, in one form or another, a staple of the comic books and the art they inspire, but nearly every version of Neuro Divergence in the Middle is riddled with … Read more

Remembering the Martyrs: Professor’s Book Tells the Stories of 20 Bemidji State Students Killed in WWII – Bemidji Pioneer

Bemidji – When Bemidji State University celebrated its centenary in 2019, banners were hung on campus announcing important events in its history. One caught the attention of Michael Herbert, a professor of criminal justice at the school. ‘1941-45: 20 ex-students killed in World War II.’ Herbert, a history buff and amateur historian of World War … Read more

Differences between book and show

Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for the old man.foreign currency old man It is a TV adaptation Thomas BerryA novel of the same name. presentation maker, Jonathan E Steinberghas a lot of experience creating adaptations with businesses like black sails And the human goal. Both versions of the book and TV from old man … Read more

Biblioracle moves to a new house and collects his books

By the time anyone reads this, Mrs. Biblioracle and I will have moved into a new home (ours). After moving a few times during our 30s, we’ve been in the same place throughout our 40s (and even 50s), and of course, in my case, that means I have a lot of books to deal with. … Read more