Book Edition: The Seven Secret Keys to Startup Success: What You Need to Know to Win

Book cover of the Seven Secret Keys to Startup Success: What you need to know to win a goal with three arrows embedded in it below the book title

Book cover of The Seven Secret Keys to Startup Success: What You Need to Know to Win

David Machu, serial entrepreneur, lawyer, and professor

David Machu, author of The Seven Secret Keys to Startup Success

A serial entrepreneur, lawyer, and professor helps crack the code to bankrupt startups and businesses and unlocks the keys to success

This is the new “bible” for entrepreneurs and growing companies! No single other reference is comprehensive or useful in practice.”

– Branko Terzic, Senior Management Consultant and former CEO of a public company

Washington, D.C., United States, September 21, 2022 / – Most startups start with an idea. But there are tricky steps to go from an idea to its commercialization. Before the CEO knows it, he’s drinking from a fire hose — with legal issues, fundraising, and marketing challenges. Without a plan to stay focused and know what to do and never do, the company is battling constant fires and is likely to fail.

A new type of business book, The 7 Secret Keys to Startup Success: What You Need to Know to Win, is designed to solve these and other problems for businesses. Skyhorse Publishing release date September 27, 2022, hardcover ISBN: 978-1-5107-7064-5, $26.99, Book ISBN: 978-1-5107-7065-2, $17.99. Simon & Schuster, distributor.

Author David J. Muchow, Managing Partner, Muchowlaw, is an award-winning, thirty-year attorney, serial entrepreneur, and inventor who teaches law, business, and entrepreneurship at Georgetown University. While eight out of ten new companies fail, so far, surprisingly little attention has been paid to why. Machu, who has consulted for hundreds of companies, identified the main reasons for these failures and explained how to increase the odds of success. His book provides practical business advice as well as valuable legal advice to help startups and growing companies succeed. It includes all the basics (such as management, fundraising, and financing) plus many new topics including investing in cryptocurrency and how to lower legal fees, not found in law schools, high schools, or anywhere else. There are also legal templates and infographics along with fun stories to read and examples from real cases including Oprah, Ivanka Trump, and others.

Every Key to Success is a chapter in Muchow’s practical book: Plan For Success; Managing the risks of your startup; withhold your intellectual property rights; Be smarter in personnel management; How to rock the money tree.. legally; A smarter marketing and sales roadmap; And use “Management ZenTM” to reduce startup clutter.

“Starting a business is like running through a forest tucked in the dark. You could end up as someone’s dinner. You have to be very careful or you will commit Startup Suicide TM or even commit a crime if you violate SEC fundraising rules or mishandle a subpoena. Justice obstructed,” says Muchow, a former attorney general at the Department of Justice. “Think of this book as your expert business advisor to guide you step by step on the path to success while avoiding razor blades in soup. I have seen many startup successes and failures.” “Unfortunately, many of the most important things are not found in the books. That is why they are called Secret Keys.” They include things that you only learn by making costly mistakes or when it is too late, such as how to protect intellectual property rights your own and how to evict your partners without filing a lawsuit.

“This is the new ‘Bible’ for Entrepreneurs and Growing Companies! No single other reference is comprehensive or useful in practice.”
– Branko Terzic, Senior Management Consultant, and former CEO of a public company

Readers will learn the 7 Secret Keys to Startup Success: What You Need to Know to Win:

Why eight out of ten startups fail. What ‘to do’ but just as importantly, ‘what not to do’ to avoid Startup Suicide TM and achieve success
* How to protect your intellectual property and save patent costs
* How to Avoid the Financial “Death Valley”
How to cut legal expenses and manage lawyers
* Innovative Federal Policy Call to Action to Stimulate Entrepreneurship and Maintain US Competitiveness – How to Go from Concept to Concept
Marketing in a few months!

“Business books are often boring,” Machu says. “Startups are innovative, so why aren’t startup books innovative too – by being both informative and fun to read?” So Muchow adds interesting cases and stories throughout the book. And at the end of each chapter there are interesting examples to illustrate the lessons in the class. The stories are inspired by real cases and feature Professor Scooter Magee, a ‘startup expert’. Scooter travels in 1962 Austin Healey and repairs broken startups. But along the way, he has to battle the CIA, a mob, and a mysterious secret agent. Think: Professor Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Silicon Valley! As US Senator Byron Dorgan (Ret.), New York Times bestselling author notes, “This groundbreaking book is packed with the critical business and legal information you need to succeed—and it’s fun too!”

Author David Muchow is a managing partner, Muchowlaw, business expert of thirty years, serial entrepreneur, corporate attorney, and inventor who has consulted for hundreds of companies. He teaches law, business, and entrepreneurship at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. David helped turn ideas into publicly traded companies and was responsible for a $1 billion mutual fund.
Earlier, he worked on Capitol Hill, with the National Security Council and the OMB and as a Attorney General and Special Assistant to the Chief of the Criminal Division, US Department of Justice, for which he received the Attorney General’s Special Achievement Award. He was a general counsel to the American Gas Association and founder and CEO of SkyBuilt Power, which built the world’s first rapidly deployable solar/wind power plants for the CIA. He is a frequent speaker and consultant, and has been the author and co-editor of publications including, Energy and Transaction Law (7 vols., Lexis Nexis) and Gas Industry Regulatory (5 vols., Lexis Nexis). He attended Georgetown University (BSFS ’66), Cornell Law, and Georgetown University Law Center (JD 71). David and his wife, Marily, live in Arlington, Virginia and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

The Seven Secret Keys to Startup Success: What You Need to Know to Win is available at bookstores nationwide and online, including and Barnes & Noble. David Muchow is available through his website and readers can connect with him on the web tripper | LinkedIn | And the Google Business

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