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Woman doing side lunges with a towel.
Carla Tafra

If you are tired of your usual exercise routine, take a towel and challenge yourself with some hot moves. The towel acts as additional resistance when you press down hard to keep it on the floor during your workout. And don’t let that fool you, the towel will just increase the intensity of your workout.

It does the same things that ab sliders do, but just in case you don’t have a few close at hand, a towel will do. In addition, you can clean your floors a little.

back lunge

Start in a standing position, with your feet hip-width apart. Step on the towel with your right leg and move the towel back into a lunge, knees bent. Exhale and move the towel back to the starting position by squeezing the hamstrings and inner thighs. Repeat 12-15 times and do the same on the other side.

Keep your core engaged and your back straight throughout the entire exercise. Make sure your front knee is not arched and keep it straight in front of you. Don’t forget to breathe.

side lunge

Start in a standing position, feet hip-width apart. Step on the towel with your right leg and face the right side. Inhale and move the towel to the right, bending your left knee and sitting on your side in a lunge. Exhale and move the towel back to center using the strength of your inner thighs. Inhale, then slide out, exhale, then slide in.

Keep your core engaged throughout the entire workout and don’t compromise on your form. Repeat 12-15 times on each leg.

Round leg comb

Start in a standing position with your feet hip distance apart. Put your right foot on the towel and place your hands on your hips. Activate your core muscles and lift your belly button. Open your chest, lift your chin, and relax your shoulders. Inhale and move the towel straight in front of you, sweeping your leg right and back, forming a semicircle. Exhale and roll backwards forward.

Keep your thighs engaged all the time and use it and make sure your left leg is strong and stable. You can choose to keep your left leg extended and really work the inner thighs or bend it slightly and feel the exercise in the left butt as well.

Do 10 rounds before you switch to the other leg.

Ab Roller

The AB roller has an extra wide design for added stability and is made of a soft material suitable for all types of floors, including hardwood and carpeted.

bend the knee

Begin in a plank position, legs extended and core active. Keep your hips in line and try to prevent them from lifting or falling. Lay on the towel and begin to bring it toward your stomach, bending your knees and tucking them inward.

Keep your core engaged and use the strength from your abs to move the towel around without lifting your hips too much. Bend the knee 15-20 and relax. Repeat two more times if you wish.

ab . sliders

The unique hexagonal design provides a better grip and surface.

Sweep rush runner

Begin in a plank position, with legs extended and hips aligned. Push the floor away from you and feel the space between your shoulder blades expand. Step on the towel with your right leg and on an inhale, move the towel toward your right shoulder, entering into a slightly wider runner’s lunge on the outside of your right hand. Exhale and move the towel back into the plank position.

Repeat 12-15 times and then do the same on the left leg. This is a great exercise to increase your range of motion and improve the mobility of your hips, so really focus on getting your foot as close to your hands as possible.

hamstring waves

Begin in a lying position with the feet bent on the towel and the knees bent. Lift your hips up and slowly move your feet down, so that your legs are almost fully extended. Inhale and move the towel back toward your sitting bones, trying to keep your hips elevated. Exhale, stretch, inhale, and put the towel back on.

This is one of the hardest exercises you can do with the towel, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t really succeed the first time. Aim to do 10 repetitions, but if you can even drum five, that’s great for beginners.

If this feels really impossible for you, leave your hips on the floor and simply work the towel as close to your sit bones as possible by stretching your hamstrings.

Sometimes the best exercises happen when you get creative. Try these exercises the next time you get bored with your workouts, and if you have a phone with you, check out some of these great exercises. fitness apps.

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