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Pumpkin spice, scarves, foliage, and apple picking are all things that call to mind crisp fall days and cool nights. Even if the idea of ​​cooler temperatures and shorter days doesn’t excite you, maybe it’s a good book as you lie in front of the fireplace.

While lists that sponsor “best beach read‘Easy to find, autumn is also the perfect time to get lost in a good novel, memoir or novel about coming of age. So grab a latte, hot tea or cocoa and check out these great fall books worth adding to your reading list.

“Scenes from my life” Michael K. Williams with John Sternfeld | “If I escaped you” Jonathan Escofri | “Walking in my joy in these streets” Jennifer Lewis | “The Black Period: On Character, Race, and Origin” by The outrage of Augustus Guiter | Jollof Rice and Other Revolutions: A Novel in Intertwined Stories’ by Omolola Ijeoma Ogunyemi

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Michael K. Williams He passed away on September 6, 2021An announcement that shocked audiences and the entertainment community. The famous actor, whose career has included roles such as Omar Little in the wirechalky white in Empire Corridorand Montrose Freeman in love countryabout to finish his memoirs before his death.

In interviews, the Emmy-nominated actor often talked about his early career as a dancer and how a brawl in the bar led to a scar on his face. But more than that, he’s been open and honest about his battle with addiction, and so this memoir begins, “Before I was anything or anyone else, I was addicted. This was my identity, what people thought of me…”

However, as you work your way through his memoir, Scenes from My Life, you gain a better understanding of his gratitude and commitment to Brooklyn and how his life has taught him his ability to humanize and play characters whose voices often go unheard.

“If I Save You” by Jonathan Escofri

Some immigrants had to face a pertinent question upon their arrival traversing America that was, “What are you?” as such Jonathan Escofri He points out in his book If I Survive You, the people who ask them are waiting. These and many other tales from Escoffery will be associated with many.

However, being an outsider and finding your way is not a unique immigrant because part of being human is knowing where you fit in. Hence, this book and other examples make this book – a collection of interconnected short stories – a must-read. The novel is humorous, tender, and at times heartbreaking as it addresses issues surrounding love, self-identity, and race. From the first page, you will understand why it was the best book of the month for September by Amazon and Apple Books.

“Walking in My Joy in These Streets” by Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis She is known for being outspoken and as telling, and her memoirs don’t disappoint. However, the book is also a celebration of how blackish The actress and activist values ​​herself and a message for us all to do the same. “Walking in my joy through these streets” is a reminder to live with gratitude and be your encouragement as you fearlessly pursue your ambitions.

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“The Black Period: On Character, Race, and Origin” by Hafida Augustus Getter

Nigerian-American poet Augustus Getter’s wraths memoir “The Black Period: On Character, Race, and Origin” is more than just a retelling of the author’s life. Through her lyrical installation, Geter addresses systems of inequality for physically unable people, people in the LGBTQ+ community, and people of color. As she makes her way, she lets go of the past and embraces who she really is.

Jollof Rice and Other Revolutions: A Novel in Intertwined Stories’ by Omolola Ijeoma Ogunyemi

They meet Nonsu, Remy, Aisha and Solab, sons of well-to-do families. As a student at an all-girls boarding school, they form a fraternity but soon face life-changing repercussions after participating in a school revolution.

Jollof Rice and Other Revolutions: A Novel in Intertwined Stories by Omolola Ijeoma Ogunyemi Travels between Nigeria and America is a touching story about family, friendship, love and finding a place in the world.

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